Afterwards –  in the times to come she remembered

the toy cupboard.


The fierce dragon guarding the castle.

The swashbuckling  wizard carrying a watch to make wishes come true.


The Hussar with the fierce and splendid mustache

riding to the castle

to rescue  the princess.


It was always in vain.


Afterwards in the times to come  she remembered her sailor doll.

Worn with love.

He sailed away in a beautiful pea green boat.

But he always came back.


The china mouse wore lace and a pink velvet jacket.

He fell in love with the china doll.

She only had eyes for the dashing firemen.


Afterwards, afterwards in the times she remembered.

The fire engine raced to rescue the tumbled soldier.


Her Okasan whispered  haiku and

flung words into the sky.


Afterwards, afterwards  in the times to come

she remembered Hans.

Hans who Christmas after Christmas

kept the memories together.


Afterwards, afterwards in the years to come

she collected the toys.

Put them in the toy cupboard.

But each Christmas she shared her memories of joy

with the young and the young at heart.

13 thoughts on “THE MAGIC TOY CUPBOARD

    • Can you think of a better combination. The Kewpie dolls are a delight. The tiny ceramic dolls are similar to ones I used to buy at Woolworth’s for 5 cents. Then I would sew tiny dresses for them. XX Virginia

    • One simply has to take one’s toys out and play with them once in a while. I have a lot of fun with my toy cupboard and it is packed to the rafters with memories. XX Virginia

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