Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas a few days early.    Our son and his wife will be away on Christmas Day.  The supper menu has a decidedly French flavour.   Réveillon Tourtière (a French Canadian pork pie) instead of turkey and for dessert crème brulée.

How can a dessert made with just eggs, cream, milk and sugar be so utterly beguiling.

A dessert that seduces you with every spoonful.

Pure sensual pleasure in every mouthful.

Silky custard fragrant with vanilla collides with the bitter sweet flavour of burnt sugar and captivates you for ever.

It is pure alchemy.

It is pure Christmas.

This recipe for crème brûlée  was always on the menu at our restaurant, Roxy’s Bistro.    We made it five days a week for seven years.  Do the math.  Repetition makes perfect, and I perfected this recipe so it is right every time.   This recipe is perfect for six generous servings, but if you are having a large dinner party it doubles beautifully and serves twelve.

(For the recipe simply click on crème brûlée  above)



  1. From Jasper Park to Creme Brûlée…….you take us to the most beautiful places and warm our hearts along the way. Hope to make Sicily today!

    • It rates pretty high in our house too Resa. I tell every one – “it is so good for you – all that milk and eggs – ok there’s a little cream and sugar, but what’s life with the sweet things”. V.

  2. Must try that someday. I want to add that I never answered your question to me about a book that I love. Well, it is The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I am now reading House at Riverton by same. Wonderful and magical. Happy Holidays to you and your family. xoxoxoxo

    • Wonderful, Wonderful. I am down to ALMOST no books to read over the holidays. For a book-aholic that is serious. I have ordered both books from my local library. Thank you dear girl for giving me the heads up. May this be a joyous Christmas and a New Year filled with all things wonderful. XX Virginia

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