How lovely to open your bathroom door and step into another world.  Bathroom renovations can cost a fortune, so here is how you can wave your magic do-it-yourself wand and for less than ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS have a bathroom to please the Parisian woman in you.

First of all I’ll tell you what to avoid for a truly chic bathroom:

Anything with Eiffel Towers (unless your fortunate to have a vintage collection).  It’s just too obvious.

Forget framed posters of France or Paris, little plaques with quotes or pictures of French wines .

Tuck unsightly beauty aids, hair dryers,  out of sight in cabinets or even baskets.

No coloured towels unless they are the same shade as your walls.  White towels are always in French style.

This is what you will need to create your French bathroom:

Paint – Benjamin Moore now has bathroom paint in a flat finish.  Pick a soft color – shades of gray and blue look very French. This paint is mold resistant and covers beautifully.

Paint – any flat white water based  paint.  You don’t need much so if you don’t have any pick up craft white paint.

Spray paint – primer in dark Gray.   You’ll use this on accessories, mirrors, chandelier.

Large metal coat hooks to replace towel racks.

Nice to have is Mod Podge – Available at a craft store.  Use for your towel rack – if desired.


As many fancy mirrors as possible.  You’ll find these are thrift shops with a shiny gold finish.  I seldom pay more than a few dollars for them . Paint them and hang them everywhere – high and low.


A chandelier – again thrift shop buy.  The shiny brass ones are always popping up.  You ‘ll give them a new look with your spray paint.  This one did not have the glass pendents   but using fine wire I added some for a little glitter.



Old silver makes elegant containers for face clothes and flowers.  You’ll find these in thrift and Goodwill shops for very little money.  Re-purposed they loose their old lady reputation.  It’s also a good idea to check with ancient aunts or your Grandmother  for unwanted silver.


You’ll want French looking towel racks.  Hooks really are better for drying towels and sprayed gray take on an entire new look.  You can attach them to a simple piece of molding painted the same colour as your walls, or take them one step further with a French advertisement.


A tiny table holds a collection of vintage perfume bottles and silver brush, and Chanel toiletries.



A putti – an angelic cupid  is the perfect finishing touch.  Look for these light as paper creations at craft stores  especially around Christmas.  This little sweet has had many reincarnations.  I gave him a little white paint and now he has a new home in my Paris bathroom.  Read about him in my blog ABOUT ANGELS AND THE PUTTI (CHERUB) WHO ALMOST GOT AWAY

Detailed how-to instructions to do each do-it-yourself project for  your bathroom can be found on my blogA LITTLE HOUSE IN PARIS.

Cheri – what are you waiting for.


  1. What French glamour you have created for your bathroom! You have inspired me to change up my bathroom for the new year and bring out some old silver pieces. I like the idea of several mirrors. And little cost!

    • Now this is a splendid New Year’s idea Jo Nell. Be sure to take photos. I do so love before and after pics. My tiny en suite was so unattractive I refused to use it. The wallpaper was peeling and the hanging light fixture was possibly the most ugly one to come out of the seventies. The best part of this deco – it doesn’t require professional assistance – like carpenters or plumbs. Good painting!! XX Virginia

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