This is probably one the quickest and easiest coffee cakes on the planet.   It’s from a much loved and tattered Robin Hood Flour Recipe book.  You should have all the ingredients in your pantry, and you can whip it up with just a few minutes notice.  Perfect to have in your apron pocket for unexpected visitors.  This CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE makes a lovely breakfast or brunch treat.  This coffee cake is a thrifty little recipe.  Leave out the walnuts and it costs you almost nothing to whip up.

I have been baking this sweet little coffeecake for fifty years. and I never get tired of it.  For the recipe just click on CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE and let the gorgeous aroma of this cake baking fill your kitchen.



    • Indeed, we do love to gild the lily when we are baking. The original recipe didn’t include walnuts in the ingredients but I thought this recipe called out for a little luxe. Nibble away on this delicious little number. Virginia

  1. This looks really good, Virginia, and I just printed out the recipe. I’ll try it sometime soon. I bake just about everything, but coffee cakes aren’t on my list. So, this is perfect; thank you! xx

    • This little sweetie will take you to poetic heights Lauren. I bake it in a round springform pan (setting on a cookie sheet) for special occasions, but I like it best baked in in a pan. It is so simple to make and never fails. XX Virginia

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