Early, very early this morning

Before my neighbor left to do the milking,

Before the far away hum of the city herald the beginning of another day,

Muffled in furs and blankets and hand-knit mittens and socks

I braved the winter cold and biting wind

and traveled far.

I followed two children into the mystery and danger of the Far North.

Encountered witches and armour- wearing Polar Bears.

Words from the pages of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass.

Then a little boy and girl, Kai and Gerda introduced me to the terror of Hans Christen Andersen’s The Snow Queen.

Along with four brave English children I  fought the White Witch in the devastating cold of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, from C.S. Lewis’s  Chronicles of Narnia.

It was the written world that evoked all these rich memories of favorite books.   Words so strongly, so bravely written I read them aloud, flung them into air to relieve again my years of living in the biting cold of the Canadian North.

You’ll find these and other honest words when you visit this blog THE KITCHEN’S GARDEN.  You might want to turn up the heat, or cuddle under a warm blanket.


14 thoughts on “A WINTER TALE

  1. You are brave to face the cold! Today it is warm and sunny so I cannot complain though later in the week it will be colder, for us at least. Stay warm and read, Virginia! Spring is not far away…

    • I will stay warm Jo Nell. That’s the beauty of arm chair travel. Celi’s blog today THEKITCHENSGARDEN so evoked my memories of living in Northern Saskatchewan and then as an adult on the prairies. By the way – the books are meant for young readers but I still adore them for myself. XX V

    • While the rest of Canada is in a deep freeze my Buddha is surrounded with sweet pink primroses, there are pink buds on the Camellia tree, and in my villiage the mock cherries are in bloom. This has been the mildest winter since we ran out of snow for the Olympics. I rather miss the snow. No wonder I am reading The Golden Compass again. XX Virginia

  2. Dearest Virginia, this shall be my fourth attempt to leave a comment. WordPress is trying to keep me from you ………….I shall not allow it!!! Here we go again……

    You utter the words of the Winter and Cold; you invoke the name of the Ice Princess………though these may conjure images that send shivers up and down our bodies, the fact that these words come from thee, fills us with warmth and love.

    • It is a vicious trick – this WordPress keeping us apart. I know we are having too much fun – especially when Theadora, you and I get together but this is really too much. I’ve checked the time your radiogram was sent to me – twenty-one hours before my big brown eyes received it. Never get up Tinny!!

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