The morning fog was heavy and thick.

It rolled through the gardens creating ghostly images of shrubs and trees.  It inveigled its chilly  little fingers into your bones.

Time for warming soup – not just any soup but something a little exotic, more than just a bit spicy – something to warm the cockles of ones heart.

The spicy seasonings in the pork and the addition of soy and fish sauce to the stock and the cooked greens is an outstanding combination.  The greens mellow and become blissfully tender as they simmer in the richly flavoured stock.  It might appear to be a lot of greens but they cook down to a silky texture.

This is an easy soup recipe and most of it can be done in advance of your meal.  To make it even simpler prep your greens before you put them away.  Strip the leaves off the stems, wash and thoroughly dry them, and refrigerate in a plastic bag with a sheet of dry paper towel inside.  They’ll keep for several days this way.

You can substitute beet and mustard greens, any type of kale or turnip greens in this recipe.  This makes it an excellent recipe for your summer menu when your garden or market is filled with rich, lush super greens.

Click on SPICY PORK AND KALE SOUP  for a different and delicious soup.



    • Gayle this could well become your favorite soup. I am looking forward to the summer when I will have boundless amounts of beet tops and mustard greens and all good things like that. Xx V/

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