Rest your wings.

Here is a hollow of silence,

A nest of stillness in which to hatch your dreams.

(Joan Walsh Anglund)


Through the dark, foggy night the fog horns bayed their soulful warnings.

Quietly at first.

From far away down river.

Louder and louder and more demanding as the ocean bound ship slowly, slipped up the river to the sea.

Then the shadowy sounds drifted quietly away.

In this hollow of silence.

This nest of stillness.

I dream of spring.


Of  soft,  warm gentle days.

Of flowers of exuberant beauty.

I dream.  I dream.  I dream.

Of Summer.


(Joan Walsh Anglund is an American inspiration writer and speaker)

10 thoughts on “HATCH YOUR DREAMS

    • I was inspired by a bouquet of pink tulips. They are so gorgeous and it is true – tulips keep growing. They are now four inches above the rim of their vase. Surely spring it not far away. XXOO V.

    • I watch the weather channel daily, I hear from blogging friends of the bitter winter they are experiencing – it makes a little fog seem trivial – but I do long for the warm sun and bright blue skies – so one must dream and linger long over gardening books and seed catalog’s. Virginia

  1. Dear Cheer Leader, Virginia, I agree with Janet! What a gift. Your dreamy photographs meshed the words lifted my spirits. The perfect way to start the week! I plan to bookmark the post. I love the line: “A nest of stillness in which to hatch your dreams.” Thanks for the inspiration. Lovely. T.

    • In the early morning darkness I sip my cafe au lait and rifle through beautifully photographed gardening books. I’m planning an addition to the vegetable garden to be planted with four kinds of beets and lots of black kale. I’ve my eye on a new David Austin rose – oh T. I am hatching my dreams for spring. V.

    • Spring must truly be the most welcoming of seasons. I know for my sisters in Northern Saskatchewan it must seem like the snow is lasting forever. And, my family, and you in Toronto, has braved bitter cold and winds. XxOO V.

    • Jo Nell – I love your comments… and as for yellow.
      About 75% of the rooms in our home are painted various shades of yellow. I love the idea of being surrounded by the happy, sunshine colour of sunshine. Virginia

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