BEL’OCCHIO   … the beautiful eye


This true story was told to me a few days ago. The day after Valentine’s day is the appropriate time to relate it to you.

Many years ago a  young woman married a doctor in London.  Then with their two young children, a boy and a girl,  they moved to Africa’s Ivory Coast.   One day her husband invited a newly arrived doctor to dinner at their home.  He was doing research on rhesus monkeys.  He arrived carrying a single rose for the wife.  They were introduced and it was love at first sight for both of them.

It was the early fifties.  The wife was divorced and  sent back to London with her two children in complete disgrace.  Her father met her at Waterloo Station.  A taxi waiting.  He put the children in the taxi and told his daughter she no longer existed in their family, and that she would never see her children again.

She married the research doctor and they emigrated to Canada.  This extraordinary,  positive woman created a beautiful  home for the love of her life and their four children.  She was a talented artist and her joy in life was reflected in everything she did.

It was about fifty years since she had said good-bye to her two children in the train station in London.  She finally tracked down the children that had been taken from her.  The  boy had died when he was six years old, but her daughter was living Maine.  They corresponded by e-mail and talked on the phone, planning to meet.    She was diagnosed with melanoma and died before she could be reunited with her daughter.  She was 84 years old.



  1. Having been divorced with two children I am grateful that it was not back in this time! Cannot say more…young women today take their rights for granted sometimes. Thanks you for sharing, Virginia.

    • It is hard to believe the injustice that was done to the woman AND her children…. and by her family. However, the woman who told me the story said her friend was the most positive person she knew. XX Virginia

    • This woman was a good friend and inspiration to the person who told me the story. A new acquaintance, it was the first time she had been in our home, and she said it reminded her so much of this woman … the art hanging everywhere … piles of books .. our kitchen. She became quite emotional for she had lost someone very dear to her. V.

      • Celi – you voiced my feelings exactly. No apologies required. What a terrible horrible action to deprive children of their mother and the mother of her children. V.

    • In life it is all about choices. I am sure in the dark of night she sorrowed over the loss of her children. It is the most horrific thing to loose a child, let alone two. This woman presented a brave, positive face to the world and got on with her new life. It is unfortunate that she never did get to see her daughter before she died. V.

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