Empress d’Amore

If there is any doubt in your mind there is magic in this world read this amazing blog. The dresses my dear Resa creates are made of dreams. She has honoured me with this gorgeous gown and the fairy tale it inspired.

Art Gowns

Are you like me, at a loss for words to describe an “Art Gown” that is its own Fairytale?


Okay, at least we know it opes with: Once Upon A Time

Virginia, a retired chef & her romantic, fanciful blog Bel’ Occhio have inspired this Art Gown. You’ll find some of her recipes on this blog, but if you have the appetite for more delicious creations visit her at Mrs. Butterfingers

Rap 3


There was a beautiful young girl named Virginia who lived in the Empire of  Amore. Unfortunately, she was very poor, a seamstress for the wealthy merchants of the Kingdom.


The Emperor demanded his son, Prince Will, marry. He decreed a holiday with a Royal procession throughout the Empire. All “Virgins” of marrying age were to don their prettiest gowns & attend.

Braids #1

Virgina’s mind was on her sewing when The “Town Crier” made…

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14 thoughts on “Empress d’Amore

    • There’s a song in my head when I look at my magnificent Art Gown. Leonard Cohen singing … My paraphrasing
      Take this waltz, take this waltz, this waltz, this waltz
      And I’ll dance with you in Vienna
      Oh my love, oh my love
      Take this waltz, take this waltz,
      It’s yours now.
      It’s all there is.

  1. How beautiful, Virginia! Everyone needs a Fairy Tale dress. The braids in the dress work very well the love story. I keep studying the braids. Resa is very talented. Fabulous. T. (The color is perfect for you.)

    • I am over the moon Theadora. My very own gown complete with my very own fairy tale. This is better than winning a lottery – a million times better. Resa is the fairy godmother of fantasy couture. XX V.

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