Crushed roses and pink silk dancing shoes.

All eyes on The Empress d’ Amore.

2010 dec day 7 0079 b

She dances the Paris  night away .

He whispers words of love.

A night of sweet memories and forgotten promises.


The garden soft in the moonlight.

Snow laden trees bow down before her.

Curtsying to the Queen d ‘Amore as she walks towards the ballroom.


The enchanted ballr0om of Linderhof awaits her.

 Her heart beats to the music.

Shivering in anticipation she begins the dance.

Into the night she dances.

She waltzes to the music of crushed lilacs.

Waltzes and  the candles burn low and sputter.

Waltzes  as the ribbons on her dress toss and tangle.


She writes secrets into her dance card.

Past loves  and present joys.

Cherished dance filled dreams.

To remember “may I have this dance”.

The dress is the dream.

The dream is the dress.

She is The Empress d’Amore.

(The Art Gown created by Resa the Wonderful has had a dancing adventure.    A gown this beautiful must dance the waltz and dance it has.  In the glittering Paris opera ballroom, and through a winter night in mirror lined Linderhof Ballroom.

I am grateful for the hundreds of readers who came to my blog to admire this art gown. You appreciated the skill and artistry necessary to create the Empress D’Amore. It crushed me to discover someone didn’t like the gown.  Oh dear!


14 thoughts on “MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE ?

    • Jo Nell,I do believe wonderful things are happening to the Empress d’Amore. The Tin Man knew she would enjoy the ball in Bavaria and Theadora (who has all the scoop in Paris) saw her dancing to early morning. There’s rumours afloat she’s heading to Argentina to tango in it. XX Virginia

    • Dreams come true while they last, and do we not live in a dream, Karen. No wonder the handsome prince fell in love with the Empress d’Amore. It is a gown designed and sew with love. Virginia

  1. Oh Virginia!
    This is a glorious and delicious post you have taken the time to write.

    I have not the words to express to you how happy it makes me that you love your Art Gown so much.

    The beauty and precious inspirations that are the celebration of you, are in this creation of mine! It would not exist without you, nor would the tale.
    Don’t fret about someone not liking it, We are all entitled to our opinions on pieces of art.
    As a designer, I have endured much criticism in my career.
    I only trust that this person who does not like the Empress d’Amore appreciates that the beauty of you has inspired it, and appreciates that.
    Much Love,

    • I understand the Empress d’Amore has booked passage for an ocean voyage to Argentina. Intoxicating tango music has her in its dangerous throes and she is following her dream. Oh Resa see what magic this gown has conjured. We are all dancing her dream, and for a few brief moments entertaining a world of enchantment.

    • It is our dreams that make us what we are. Without dreams we would plod through life . What an amazing experience to listen to the rustle of silk as the Empress d’Amore waltzes across the ballroom floor and into an enchanted life.

    • Dear Girl – the gown is a beaut!! I think the person who did not think the gown was beautiful was actually having “gown envy”. Resa the Wonderful is a brilliant designer and an outstanding woman. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book on Paris Street Style. And, don’t think for one moment that anything in the book is “too young” for you. If the style suits you. Wear it!!

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