BEL ‘OCCHIO   …   the beautiful eye


This past winter has been cruel and unusual for a great many people.  But not for those of us living in the Pacific North West.    This winter has been a little warmer and a little drier.  The flowering trees are blooming earlier and many, many days we have been able to sit in the sun sipping tea and catching a few rays.

Hoping to cheer up snow harried friends and family I created a series of  greeting cards promising them  spring was on the way.   I gathered them up to mail, but somewhere between home and post-office I lost two of the cards.   One card had a Canadian address and the other to the United States.  The cards were not stamped.

 The other day I was informed the Canadian card had arrived.  Today my dear friend Celi of THEKITCHENSGARDEN  informed me she had received hers.  I am so grateful to the kindness of a  stranger who found my cards.  Took them to the post-off.  Bought stamps for the cards and sent them on their way.



  1. wow, i had no idea that mine was sent by a stranger, it is sitting leaning on the wall beside a small pile of my favourite old books making a lovely tableau.. what a wonderful story. have a gorgeous day! c

    • I thought perhaps I had left two of the cards at home, and they would be safely waiting for me there. No such luck. So, at 7 pm, through a dark, stormy night we drove back to the village and looked around to see if they were perhaps laying on the sidewalk where the car was parked. We even looked in the trash receptacles on the street. I am so happy you received your spring card Celi.

    • I was more than just a little upset. I had spent a lot of time creating the cards, Jo Nell. It would have been lovely to find the person who found them and kindly mailed them off. XX V.

    • I was smiling too, when I realized my cards had arrived at their destination, Terri. It is these random acts of kindness that continues ones faith in mankind. Virginia

  2. We all have to be reminded of this often. We have grown so fearful of each other from television and media stories about the awful side of human nature. Thanks for telling us about an example of the kind side!

    • And… they had to spend money and buy my stamps. I was so hoping that some kind person had picked up my letters and put them in the mail – to find they also bought stamps – well I was smiling all day Gayle.

  3. Lovely true story! You must wonder who the stranger is?
    I have mailed, over my lifetime, a couple of lost letters I have found. One time (15 years ago) I lost my wallet, and someone mailed it to my home.
    It’s heart warming to know that people still care! xo

    • After hunting in the dark of night .. with a little flashlight … I was so hoping that someone had mailed my cards. It with with great joy I discovered they had. Not so much about the cards, but because a stranger had done this small kindness. XXOO V.

    • I was very hopeful that some good person would mail my cards. I didn’t know where I had to lost them. I hoped it wasn’t on the street and had been destroyed by passing cars.

  4. I love this story, Virginia. Gifts abound! So they also purchased stamps? This makes me smile. Did they purchase special ones? I wonder if they were mailed from your post office. Were the envelopes dimpled from the rain? Sweet mystery! T.

    • Desperate to find the envelopes we even looked into trash containers. I said to Lar “people are going to see this well-dressed couple apparently going through a trash container, and they’ll think Oh Dear they really must be hard up for money” Fortunately the streets were deserted. V.

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