Making scones is so easy and the results are so spectacular.  Over the years I have tried many recipes but this is the all time best.   From start to finish you can have scones on the breakfast table in just over 30 minutes.

First of all turn your oven to 400 degrees F. and have the rack in the centre of the oven.

Collect the ingredients and have everything at room temperature except the butter.  If you haven’t done this ahead of time heat the egg in a bowl of warm water and gently warm the buttermilk in the microwave.

You’ll notice the amount of buttermilk is not precise.  The amount you’ll need will depend on the humidity that day. You want just enough liquid to hold your dough together.  If you get too carried away with adding the extra buttermilk don’t worry.  Just drop your scones on the baking sheet.  I promise you they will still be delicious.

The secret to making perfect scones and biscuits is too make them quickly – your dough looking a little ragged.

The next cool morning make yourself this treat.  Click on SCRUMPTIOUS FRUIT SCONES          for the recipe.



    • The very very best part of these scones is …. the Good Husband Lar always makes them for Sunday breakfast. Come to think of it – he makes them Tuesday afternoon tea, or Thursday treat while we watch our fav TV show Big Bang Theory. Or .. any other time!! X V.

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