BEL’OCCHIO   …   the beautiful eye


Moonlight caught pearls.

Sparkling topaz.

Glittering rhinestones.

Burnished  gold and silver.

Earrings all.

Earrings we loved for the moment then set aside.

In a drawer of long ago dreams.

They lay forgotten.

Unloved.  Unworn.  Uncomfortable.

Clip- on and vintage screw-on earrings so uncomfortable we wear them for an hour or two  then reluctantly remove them.  Put them away and forget about them.

You can rescue clip-on and screw-on earrings by  turning them into post earrings for pierced ears.  This is easy peasy to do, and you can do it yourself.


 You need wire cutters (heavy duty ones)

A file (you may need this to file rough edges)

E-6000 glue (this works the best for me)

Some tooth picks

Earring posts and backers (available at craft shops)


Remove the clips using the wire cutter.


Clip off the earring clip as close to the base as possible.


If there are any sharp or rough edges file these away.



Put a small drop of glue on the area where you want to adhere the post.  Use a toothpick to pickup the glue and try to keep excess glue off your earring.  When using this or similar glue be sure to have windows open (lots of ventilation) and avoid getting any glue on your skin.


Press post firmly into the glue and put aside to set over night.  (no cheating – don’t even think of wiggling the post).  That’s it!  Your done!


I have a dream drawer of earrings.  Earrings I have been collecting for six decades.  The vintage screw back earrings are exquisite but murder to wear, and I am concerned  I might loose them.



The outrageous pink rhinestone earrings circa 1950’s were a gift from my fashionista Mom.   Too precious to loose, too uncomfortable to wear.  But, not any more.  Since I discovered how easy it is to convert earrings to post earring I am doing just that.  And, I no longer have a drawer of forgotten jewellery.





    • Tricia I am so happy I never donated my neglected earrings to a thrift shop sale. Even though I couldn’t wear them they were keepsakes along this road of life. I am deliriously happy they have been given a new and beautiful live. XX V.

  1. Dearest, you have been at it again……….your magical mischief……creating wondrous new things from those treasures that lie at the side of the road. You are ingenious! I have been digging in the back of drawers and finding all sorts of treasures of the past. Now they are flying all over the world to find new homes…….looks like are both recycling the past. See you soon (oh, that was fun to say!!!)

    • Oh Tinny – today those are the most beautiful words in the world ..”see you soon”. I’m shining up the ruby slippers ready for the dance. The bubbly is chilling out waiting for the celebration. Never has the yellow brick road shone so brightly. That said …”hmmm wonder if there are any treasures to be found by the side of the road. Memo to flying monkeys – keep your eyes peeled for beautiful chairs. XX V.

      • How funny that you mention chairs. I was famous for recycling chairs. The ranch had a very large creek that ran on one end…..once after a major flood an old chair had washed up… to the house it went and remained in the living room for well over a decade……….oh and there are many, many more chairs at the side of the road that came home with me to be incorporated into our lives. I always wondered about their stories. I was also famous for buying antique family and individual photos and hanging them in the house. One find lady hung in the dining room for years and when guests were over I always invented more and more grand stories about who she was. I just hated to see them sitting on the floor of an antique shop, when they were once someone’s somebody special…… I made them my someone special.

      • Tinny, Tinny, Tinny The Lar says we are kindred souls. I found a red velvet Victorian album in a 2nd hand store in Toronto. I couldn’t leave it. All those photographs, all those stories – I had to give it a home. And, then we have The Captain. A British oil painting I bought at an antique auction sale. Lar tells every he’s his Grandfather. He’s in a good-home. Until we meet ………

  2. Great tips, Virginia! I don’t have any old clip-ons because my Mom had agreed to get her ears pierced later in life…but I love jewelry, all kinds! And I don’t leave home without my rings, sterling silver heart locket my hubby gave me with the kids photos in it, my faith, hope and love bracelet my daughter gave me and a zillion earrings. Oh, and watches, I love watches and I collect them. They’re not only a tool, but a fun piece of jewelry, as well! Anyway, I am rambling, so have a good weekend! 🙂

    • Your words are lovely ramblings Lauren. I feel the same about the jewellery I wear. Like you I have certain pieces I ALWAYS wear. … a heavy silver bracelet and a large silver ring that belonged to my daughter. My daughter had an exquisite collection of broaches and I always wear one of them on my jacket or coat. I have two lovely watches – one a gift from my husband and the other a gift from my daughter. I alternate wearing them. I have so grown accustomed to doing this that I feel uncomfortable when I don’t have those specific pieces on. We are having a wet wet week-end. But the cherry blossoms are out and the magnolia trees are in bloom. Happy Spring. XX V.

  3. My dear Virginia,
    We must be in some kind of sync. I have been making single earrings, ones that have lost their mates, into pendants and brooches.
    Great post and a lot of fun!
    _Resa xo

    • How fortunate for those single earrings to begin a new life in a new way, Resa. In my drawer of forgotten jewellery I have more than a few of these orphan earrings. I have been using them to embellish cards, but now that I have discovered E-6000 who knows what new life they will lead XX V.

  4. E6000 is never more than a foot away from me! Some of the older pieces of jewelry we all have lying around are so much better made than costume jewelry today. That’s why I love recycling vintage findings and beads. Now, you wear those pink rhinestone earrings! They are gorgeous.

    • You are a clever clever girl Gayle and create magnificent jewellery. And, yes, I will my pink rhinestone earrings to the very next swell affair. They will create waves and everyone will be gaga over my outrageous earrings.

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