It was April and we were in Paris.

Dining  at Man Ray,  then on to the Buddha Bar for fabulous people watching,  music, and  champagne.    It was our last night in Paris.  We wanted to savour all Paris had to offer.



The night sky was fading as we wandered into an old bistro in the lst Arrondissment.     The  area where  the citizens of the old market place of Les Halles  worked 24 hours a day  distributing food to every corner of Paris.

This is where we ended our Paris with bowls of  restorative onion soup, crowned with bread encrusted with rich, melted Gruyere cheese.


Most recipes for this soup use a beef stock base.  This recipe uses chicken stock.  The flavour is lighter and the onions play the starring role.  Just click on  FRENCH ONION SOUP and start slicing  your onions.  Bon Appetit!

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  1. It sounds divine – must try it. What memories with your beautiful daughter! Priceless!

    • The very best person to go to Paris is … with your daughter. It is such a French thing.. this mother-daughter about Paris. Mother’s teaching their daughters how to dress beautifully. No wonder the Parisian woman have such style. It’s in their genes. XX V.

  2. Oh Virginia! You touched my rusty old heart with this. How very beautiful…….how I adore the picture of you with your most beautiful daughter…… very, very lovely.

    • We had a fabulous Mother-Daughter holiday in Paris. Rox spent a lot of time in Paris so was very familiar with places to go, things to do, and of course the very best places to shop. We will always have Paris. XX V.

  3. Thank you for sharing my friend……..loved the photos.
    Love your far away friend

    • Hope you are keeping cool D.H.
      XX V.

  4. Love your beautiful photos, Virginia, and this soup looks so delicious! I’m losing any desire for cooking, lately, though! Not a good thing! :) xx

  5. I agree with the others, Virginia. April in Paris. What a beautiful, beautiful post. You both are glowing in the photographs. So lovely. Big Hugs, T. (I also love your sparkly top. It’s pretty darn terrific!)

    • It’s like the song T. ” April in Paris, Chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees.” April and the trees are not quite leafing out. You can swoon over the architecture of the buildings without the leaves obstructing your. My sparkly top started as 2 metres of silk – so fine you can pull it through a ring. I sewed it years ago and it is still styling. .

  6. Great post, Virginia! I’ll take the soup 1 lighter and make it with a veggie stock!
    I have to say… you look simply marvelous! All the good food you eat is paying off, big time!

    • Good veggie stock and lots of onions – and that gorgeous cheese on top – what’s not to like Resa. Thank you for the compliment Resa – that and staying out of the sun!!
      XOXO V.

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