BEL’OCCHIO   …   the beautiful eye



In a far-away country called Wonderland it was the custom  to honour a first birthday with gifts of great value.

These  gifts were unique.

Incredibly valuable.

And would last for ever.

On her first birthday the beautiful red headed Theadora blew out the candle on her cake, and  began to open her presents.

Her first gift was understanding –  of the past, the present, the future.

Her second gift was love – a great love of the unknown and the unusual.

Her final and most wonderful of gift  – a gift of words.

Words that would weave stories of delight and joy.

Words that would encircle and capture all who read them.

Today is THEADORA ‘s birthday.



    • I adore Theadora. I adore her delightful sense of whimsy. She takes you on an amazing journey of discovery with her extraordinary knowledge of the past and present of my favorite city – Paris. Her blog PEOPLE PLACES AND BLING is enchanting.

  1. What a marvelous tribute, Virginia!
    Theadora’s blog is evidence of all you say for all of us who don’t have the privilege of knowing her in person.
    Red hair? I didn’t know THAT.

  2. OH, Dear Virginia!! I’m late to my own party. What a lovely, lovely post. Blushing, here. That top shot is fabulous. My hair was blond until I turned six. And then POW. I was a red haired gal. How did you know? And did in the world did you remember my birthday date? Apologies for my delayed giggle and words of thanks. Over the weekend, I stepped away from the computer. I’ve been hunting fossils, flea market treasures, and fantastical bubbly. I now feel invigorated and happy, Thanks to Virginia’s birthday prose and everyone’s kind words, I’m smiling, grinning. Big Hugs!! T. (You and the Tin Man are the glue. It’s true!)

    • Dear Theadora. what a perfectly grand way to spend a birthday week-end!! The absolute cat’s meow! The icing on the birthday cake!! The bee’s knees!!
      Great excitement on this side of the pond as Tinny and I plan our meeting in a few weeks. How can one NOT believe in magic. XX OO V.

      • I know! I know! I’ve heard about reunion creative souls through the grape vine. Oh, I am jealous. I’m also looking forward to the field report. What FUN. Thanks again for the lovely gift. It’s the cat’s meow and pajamas, too. BIG HUGS, T.

      • We’ll take a million photographs T. I already have the champagne chilling and have polished my ruby slippers to an eye-blinding shine. One thing would make this better – if you werethere. XX V.

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