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Fricassee of Chicken Legs with Lyonnaise Potatoes



There is a very good reason why we return again and again to the classic dishes like Fricassee of Chicken.   This tried and true recipe delivers a rich depth of flavour that has you moping up the very last of the sauce with bits of crusty bread.  White wine, chicken stock and double cream creates the magic that  enhances this often neglected part of the chicken. You can use all chicken thighs or all chicken legs if you wish. The crisp combination of onion, garlic and  potatoes  compliment this dish. The dish presents beautifully  and makes a wonderful dinner party main course.   Click on FRICASSEE OF CHICKEN LEGS  for this delicious recipe.  Bon  Appetit dear friends!



  1. Just as soon as I get some of my chickens in the freezer i shall be back for this one, Our cream sure is DOUBLE! You have some wonderful food!.. love love auntie.. c

    • Oh my paws and whisker Celi. You are going to love this sauce.. and you won’t stop at chicken legs. The potatoes are sneaky little devils, too. In fact.. don’t we just love eating great food like this!! Xx V.

  2. Oh my combs and feathers, Virginia…….who magic have you conjured here!! This dish looks and sounds so very delightful. I must gather the Flying Monkeys who have a penchant for all things culinary and send them out to gather the pieces and parts to create this wondrous creation.

    • Every so often I become obsessed with a certain recipe. Obsessed in a good way. I think of all the people who would enjoy the dish. This fricassee of chicken would be perfect for certain friends who don’t like ANYTHING SPICY!! But my oh my – the flavour of the sauce – how wondrous Tinny.

  3. My Norman will love this!
    Virginia, is there a charity you would like to associate with “Empress d’Amore?”
    So far everyone has picked the charity to go with her/his Art Gown.
    _Resa xo

    • Goody. This particular recipe has become my go-to-dish when company comes a-calling. Cook is for your Norman and he’ll adore you more than ever!
      The charity of my choice for my art gown would be THE PRINCESS MARGARET CANCER FOUNDATION. XX OO V.

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