BEL’OCCHIO   …   the beautiful eye



It’s about this time of year I start craving something different for dinner.  I want to set my taste buds to dancing and Thai food is the answer.

The secret to creating delicious Thai dishes are the various curry pastes.  Certainly you can make these pastes yourself but not everyone has the time or access to the required   exotic ingredients such as Kaffer Lime peel and skin, Galangal and lemon grass.  Substitutions  are a pale imitation of that wonderful Thai flavours we crave.  Check the labels on the various curry pastes available in the Asian section of your grocery store.   Generally they will contain no additives or preservatives.

This quick,  easy-to-make dinner uses Panang curry paste which is milder than red curry paste and usually includes peanuts.  The recipe ingredient list is short.  You should have most of the pantry ingredients.  Panang curry can be found  in the Asian section of the supermarket but you can use  red curry paste.  Slip away to tropical Thailand.  Click on PANANG CURRY BEEF WITH BASIL for the recipe.





    • Lauren this is one of those wonderful recipes that practically make itself. It is almost like eating at a good Thai restaurant. I hope you get an opportunity to make it for dinner some evening. XX V.

    • It’s all about flavour Tinny – and of course Cheffy Emil is big on flavour. It is what takes us out of our quiet existence and into the glorious world of delicious food. Would that many would follow us up this yellow brick world and learn not to be afraid of FLAVOUR! XX V.

    • Normally this is a complicated recipe calling for many exotic ingredients that many people do not have access to. The joyful thing about this recipe – it has lots of flavour – and if fresh basil is in season you can make a spectacular dish. In this life what more can you ask for.

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