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Garlic bread  is so retro, so seventies, so easy to make,  that we forget why everyone enjoys it.  Home-made garlic bread is the first thing everyone reaches for at the table.    Five ingredients, three steps, that’s all you need to bake up an unforgettable loaf that puts grocery-store versions to shame.  Unsalted butter and fresh garlic are the not so secret ingredients.  Don’t even think of substituting  garlic salt or powder.    For the oh- so- simple recipe for this addictive bread click on RETRO GARLIC BREAD.

10 thoughts on “RETRO GARLIC BREAD

  1. Oh, what delights! To see your recipe posted and the wonderful photograph and to now be able to remember the over-the-top taste of this wonderful bread that we so enjoyed during our marvelous meal with you and Lar……………oh delights, delights, delights……..I shall treasure our hours together forever…………and ever……..and ever!!!

    • It was so quiet when we walked into our home. A crumpled linen napkin, the empty wine glasses – we knew it hadn’t been a dream for you both were truly part of our home and our life. Augustine really had cooked with me and Tin Man was a wonderful sommelier.

    • I’ve just got off the phone from my friend Dellis, who is holidaying in Paris. She made the garlic bread for supper and she said it was the perfect choice to serve with her steak dinner.

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