BEL’OCCHIO   …   the beautiful eye


Canada 716

The Tin Man blew out the dinner candles.

The night folded over the crumpled napkins.

The empty wine glasses.

The scrapbook  of sweet moments.

Canada 716

Canada 715

In the kitchen of a thousand dinners.

With their arms filled with love.

They cooked a feast of memories.

Canada 711

Canada 705

Canada 696

In the shadows of the late afternoon.

The Tin Man wiped the dust from the bottle.

And poured them glasses of dreams.

Canada 684

Canada 698

She put her head on his shoulder.

She whispered  the words in his ear.

“Dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true”.

Canada 685

Canada 686

Canada 676

Canada 675

There’s a scrapbook with a thousand memories.

It closes with a whispered reluctance.

Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times.

It’s yours now.

Canada 720


22 thoughts on “DINNER WITH THE TIN MAN

    • Donna Hall I never imagined in a thousand years that I would actually meet The Tin Man. The four of us spent the day together and never stopped laughing and talking. XX V.

  1. Oh, Virginia, I had to read and view this post over and over as I held back tears. Two beautiful people meeting at last! I have seen the connection between you – the love for cooking, Paris and beauty – and most of all hearts that believe in love and memories. I can see that it was a lovely and magical night indeed! The photos are wonderful – you brought our Tin Man to life with his Augustine. The one of you and the Tin Man is priceless.and you are lovely. And you make me believe in dreams!

    • Now you have me in tears dear Jo Nell. I wish you had been here. Four people who couldn’t stop talking and laughing and hugging each other with utter delight. We joked and told funny stories, opened our hearts and bared our souls to each other. It was like a million happy days rolled into one. XX V.

      • I must reply here tagging Jo Nell and you, Virginia……Jo Nell’s words brought tears to my eyes, also. Jo Nell you captured the evening so well with your words. Virginia, you made me feel like I have be awakened and set free after being rusted in the woods for years……what pure delight!

        You have written a most beautiful post about our visit……thank you….I shall refer to it to awaken these memories as time moves on. My memories are as full and complex as that beautiful bottle of 1981 Margaux…….my mind opens and the thoughts and memories begin to swirl and fill the room with echoes of laughter, quick glances of knowing, a silly joke and an everlasting hug….thank you, thank you, thank you………you are right…..dreams really do come true.

  2. My far away friend that I miss so……..can I be so stupid as to ask who the tin man is?
    Miss our visits.

    • Christy – it was a wonderful day. We were strangers who became instant friends. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Visiting and cooking together in one glorious day. Virginia

    • It has been so wonderful to share our day with so many people. Lar and I have been going back a forth retelling the day. I just can’t stop smiling. XX OO V.

  3. Beautiful stories really and truly come true! Happy ending, Virginia and the Tin Manl. But you already loved one another before you met.
    We spoke of you both tonight as we ate Virginia’s fabulous scallops Provencal for the first time, and I read Emil’s generous comment on my latest post, and we too felt the wonderful force of connectedness. All hail the empyry of Blogland!!!!!

    • It is most interesting how favorite childhood stories become an integral part of our life. Yours – Alice in Wonderland – mine – The Wizard of Oz and all the related Oz stories. Our day with the Tin Man and Augustine would never have happened without The Wizard. So one should pay attention to that man behind the curtain – one never knows where the yellow brick road will lead you.

  4. Another home movie?! Again, I love the series of action photographs, Virginia! I’m seeing no walls. No barriers. Not one bubbly shot lacks charm. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. T.

    • Theadora I love that you see this as “home movie” stuff. You have the eye and the appreciation. Thank you for all your encouragement. And by the way – Lar suggested to Tinny and Myself that at times we kidnap your blog with all our comments . We said – “It’s because we get so excited when we are in Paris with Theadora. We all have so many adventures and so much fun”. We also promised to be more circumvent in the future . Then I said to Tinny “like that’s going to happen”! Forgive us Theadora but we love you so.

    • Ah… T. you have been carefully examining the background of my photos. The Kitchen and family room are one enormous space. Then the dining and living room are just off to the side. They lead into one another so the family and kitchen are painted a deeper shade of yellow than the more formal rooms. Tinny had a glorious time taking most of the photographs. XX V.

      • Ha. But OH, how I love the kidnapping! My husband always says, “So tell me more about Virginia and the Tin Man.” Kidnap? Nah, Elevate! For the love of swell drama, it’s true! T. (And yes, I was examining body language and your beautiful. No Walls.)

        Enjoy the weekend!

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