CLAFOUTI’S … where you’ll find the best croissants outside of Paris


There is the most delightful coffee house.  It’s tucked into the marvelous old buildings  on West Queen West in Toronto.  They make these incredible croissants.   It is my absolutely favorite place.  The Tin Man  popped in to check it out.  Get the scoop on  TALES AND TRAVELS OF THE TIN MAN.  Just keep reading and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “CLAFOUTI’S … where you’ll find the best croissants outside of Paris

    • Tinny most certainly capture the essence of this tiny but important little coffee house. When we visit out son-in-law (who lives close by) croissants show up on Saturday morning in the kitchen – collected by a good caring fairy. Ah, that is luxury Jo Nell – croissants in your pj’s!

  1. What a sweet place, Virginia! I’m digging the Parisian vibe. Have you tried the Croissant with an Oreo Cookie baked inside? Goodness. Gracious. Park + Pâtisserie = Bliss! From floor to ceiling, I love the decor. Fabulous. T. (And the sandwiches also look pretty darn great. I love the wooden boxes and shelves.)

    • When I am in Toronto Clafouti’s is where you’ll find me – sipping cafe au lait, brushing the flakes from the croissants off my jeans, and listening to Edith Piaf. My daughter and I loved this little bit of Paris. Early in the morning the wooden boxes are filled with wonderful bread. When I was taking care of my daughter during her courageous battle with cancer I would slip over to Clafouti’s for solace for my soul.

  2. Clafouti. Edith Piaf? And flaky croissants. Oh, Virginia, the place sounds so lovely. Your memories, also. Sacred grounds, indeed. Sending big hugs your way, T. (During my years in Baltimore, I lived near a big bakery. Love was always in the air.)

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