This is a truly serious brownie recipe for serious brownie eaters.  It is downright decadent as a good brownie should be.  It contains walnuts, a double helping of chocolate and even cocoa. Every sinful bite of these mouthwatering brownies is worth the calories.  You will never, never be able to eat any other brownie.  This will spoil you beyond belief.

I first started making brownies more years ago than I care to remember.  My  brother Jamie was mad for brownies.  Especially straight out of the freezer.  It all came about when I began stashing these rich, rich brownies in the freezer.  Then when he would visit me I knew I would have his favorite treat on hand.  I discovered the richer I made the brownies the better they would freeze.

Chocolate icing is not good enough for these over-the-top brownies.  It has to be ganache, and the proper French recipe.   No butter added.  No corn syrup.  The real thing.  Simply chocolate and whipping cream.  Hence the name truffle brownies. As if ganache for icing isn’t enough the gorgeous concoction is sprinkled with glittering flakes of sea salt.  It’s all about the ying and the yang in cooking.   If you’re concerned about calories, omit the ganache.  You’ll still have a delicious brownie.   But why would  leave the icing off.  Life is too short not to satisfy your chocolate craving with these sinful, decadent, brownies.  Click on DOUBLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BROWNIES for the recipe



    • These and other delights will await you arrival Tinny. I will cook up a storm – showering the kitchen with flour and powdered sugar to make it look like Christmas. The very best things happen at Christmas so why wait for Dec. 25.

    • It is my theory Jo Nell that a little sinning makes one a more interesting person!! I do hope you are enjoying the week-end. Is it terribly hot in your neck of the woods? We are wishing for more heat units for our vegetable garden but the flowers don’t mind the cool – so I am really not complaining. XX V.

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