It was her custom to visit the garden in the early hours.

To watch the sun turn the mountains  violet blue

And glory in the quiet elegance of the morning.



It was her custom to visit the garden in the early hours.

To watch her lily reach toward the sun.

To grow and grow and grow in stately beauty.



It was her custom to visit the garden in the early morning.

To take possession of her flowers.

Instead she put her silver secateurs  aside

And left the lily for all to share its stately beauty.



13 thoughts on “STATELY BEAUTY

    • I am, I really am Mr. Tin Man. Up at 6 a.m. to garden and now in the heat of the day having a creative time with my cards. The book I found – some of the poor pages crumble away, but I am rescuing many charming illustrations and stories. Stay Cool you two. XXOO L & V

    • My dear darling Jo Nell – I simply must stop leaving my my slippers outside the front door! Perhaps you noticed a silver axe by the fireplace woodpile?

    • I bought that particular lily bulb a few years ago and can’t remember the name. This is its fourth and most magnificent year of blooming. I think our particularly mild winter contributed to its magnificence. I coiuldn’t bear to turn it into a cut flower. Xx OO Virginia

    • To walk out of my kitchen. To walk across the quiet field to our vegetable garden. To gather vegetables and the only sounds are bird songs and the occasional comment from the cow barn – it is an almost unspeakable pleasure. It is the simplest things in life that frequently gives us this joy.

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