She never left her garden when her lilies began to bloom.

They were old friends.

Blooming for more than a decade.



Pots of lilies stood below her bedroom window.

The early morning breezes carried their perfume and placed it on her pillow.



Their elegance and grace filled her soul with quiet and calmness.



She grew Stargazers for their wild beauty.




She plundered her garden and filled

the deep yellow room with their outrageous colors

and  heady fragrance.




She never left her garden  until the last lily bloomed.





  1. The Lily by William Blake:
    The modest Rose puts forth a thorn, The humble sheep a threat’ning horn: While the Lily white shall in love delight, Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

    Oh to sit in the Yellow Room, perched upon the new slipper chair, sipping a flute of bubbly with my dear friend. The fragrance of the lily’s swirling about us like mist at the river’s edge.

    You flower’s are a magical delight, dear one, a magical delight! I cannot imagine how luxurious the air is inside your home.

    • While the lily white shall in love delight. Such perfect words by William Blake Tinny. The new chair has made herself completely at home. At first I thought she would be at odds with the Victorian needlepoint chair but she does respect that chair’s maturity and classic lines. When I left the room they were gossiping over tea and enjoying the lilies.

    • For some luxury is a Mercedes, or non stop shopping at Barny’s . For me luxury is filling every single room in the house (not the butler’s pantry) with flowers. Some vases hold one perfect flower, others over the top abundances of glory. XX V.

  2. I am envious! I left behind a magnificent lily garden and there’s no where to plant them here.You’re very fortunate! It’s wonderful when you have flowers that have bloomed that long and that beautifully. Looks like you have lots and lots of these old friends to enjoy. And your photos are lovely, too.

    • I almost lost all my lilies several years ago. Perimeter drains were being installed around the house where my lilies were growing. I dug them up and put them in pots. The pots got bigger. The lilies multiplied. And we are all very happy. Now I move my lilies around just like furniture … where I can enjoy them best!!

    • Karen,I spent much of my life living in Northern Canada and then the prairies. Living in this temperate climate and being able to grow these exotic lovelies brings me incredible happiness. Virginia

    • This has been an over-the-top year for my garden. We have never had so much sun – over a month without rain. The lilies loved the heat and rewarded me with enormous bunches of flowers on each stem. I have one pot left of blooming star-gazers, and it sets in front of the dining room window sending fragrance through out the house. I am eternally grateful for their beauty and perfume. XXOO V

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