She rose early.

Waited for the sun to dry the dew on the emerald basil leaves.

Then before its rays could steal their fragrance she filled the basket.

The heavy perfume of basil filled her kitchen.

Mozetich’s music – Postcards from the Sky filled her soul.

She plucked the basil leaves.

Added olive oil.

Cloves of pungent garlic.

Crushed them into an alchemy of green.

Capturing summer for the months ahead.

A click on PISTOU  for this very practical, very French recipe from sun-drenched Provence.





7 thoughts on “ZEN AND THE ART OF PISTOU

    • I was another one of those perfect days. Our day of rain blessed the garden and all things growing said thank you, thank you, thank you. So on this perfect day I spent a little time in the garden, and then simply enjoyed the state of being that had something to do with “the trinity of basil, olive oil, and garlic” and much to do with the moment and the music.

  1. Your basil has indeed been blessed with rain! Mine was just about gone with the heat but the rain perked it up some but yours is delightfully beautiful and fresh. I usually make up pesto for pizza (I add pine nuts) and freeze it for later when the basil is gone, but I never thought of freezing it in small portions for other dishes. I will check out the music and think of the trinity and your garden. Have a lovely weekend, V.!

    • It’s like money in the bank – all that pistou just waiting to be enjoye, JoNell. We have been using it on pizza topped with tiny heirloom tomatoes (cut in half) feta and mozzarella cheese a a few caramelized onions. Gorgeous flavour. Heavenly to consume. XX V.

    • With plenty of pistou tucked in my freezer I can whip up delicious pasta dish .. simply toss in a generous amount of the finest Parmesan cheese, lots of freshly ground pepper and little fine sea salt, a touch of cream and voila! Supper! I hope the week-end is going fine for Resa …. XXXOO V.

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