It happened around midnight on a Saturday night – almost an hour from home.  A sickening pop noise.  Our clutch was gone.  My brother who lives close by came to the rescue.  It was the long week-end and no garage services available until Tuesday.

The mechanics reported that given the age (1985) and the uniqueness of this particular diesel model of Volvo they were having difficulties finding two  parts. If they couldn’t locate the parts they would have to be manufactured at considerable time and expense.

Two days later a young woman from the garage called to ask if we knew exactly where the car malfunctioned.  We did.   It had happened just before the on-ramp to the extremely busy Iron Worker’s Bridge.  Thousands of trucks and cars had probably driven over the parts. ” After work tonight I am going to go and look for the missing parts,” she said.

She called the next morning.  They had found the parts.  Her and her boss had waiting until 7:30 pm and searched both sides of the highway.  On one side they found one part. The second part was on the other side.  In perfect condition.

Later that day we picked up our cherished Volvo.  We took a dozen pink roses for this young woman.  We met her outstanding boss, Don –  a man who truly walked the extra mile to give us service above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

This story is not that our car broke down or that it was repaired.  It is a story about two people who did something so extraordinary, so rare it staggers one’s mind.  The name of this service garage is ROVALUTION AUTOMOTIVE  in North Vancouver.







  1. What goes around comes around……they did a good deed for a couple that I know would do the exact same thing……….great story

    • We do believe in karma and in this instance it came back to us a hundred fold. We gave the Volvo many loving pats and washed and polished it with great affection. We are fortunate that brother Jamie uses this particular service garage. We don’t think it would have happened any where else Donna Hall.

  2. As wonderful as the car is, this story is ever more beautiful! One doesn’t hear these kinds of stories much any more.You’ve earned great karma! You are beautiful! _Resa xo

    • I just heart that Vogue magazine listed our fav street Queen West – the 2nd coolest street in the world. Well, we already knew that Resa. Shimokitazawa in Tokyo was named the first coolest. I think mainly because some of the streets are literally narrow allies too small for cars to navigate. My daughter Roxanne and I had a lot of fun shopping in the funky stores and cafes in that area. Roxanne spoke, read and wrote Japanese fluently. It was a joy to adventure around Tokyo in her company.

  3. What a beautiful story. You are such wonderful and loving people, of course the good Buddha would provide for you safety and for your chariot. What marvelous people!!!! It does give one hope for humankind to encounter people like this from time to time.

    What-in-ever were you two doing running about at the witching hour!?!!???! You should have been in home tucked into bed. Oh, you wild ones running about at all hours. So happy you made it home safe and that you have the chariot back in good health.

    • It was for the very best of reasons dear Tinny. We were celebrating my brother’s 66th birthday. We had just left the party so the dear boy was still up. He came to our rescue and had a tow truck take the valiant Volvo to his home to be kept safe over the long week-end. Then loaned us his second car for transportation, He knew the owner of Rovalution Automotive service so we felt we were in good hands. What would we do without family. XX OO L & V

    • Safety was a concern in this situation, Jo Nell. If it had just a bit farther along the road we would have been on a dangerously busy bridge and one you DO NOT STOP ON. They do have flag people on 24 hour duty and even though we weren’t on the bridge they parked their truck with flashing lights behind our stranded vehicle. Then there was my brother – arriving so quickly after we called him and my sister-in-law making up a bed in case we were too tired to make the long drive back home. All’s well that ends well. XX Virginia

  4. I love stories like this–it reminds me that there are people who still take pride in their work, genuinely care about the customer, and will go out of their way to help. So exceedingly rare, as you say. And so heartwarming when it happens. Glad it happened to you!

  5. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your automobile adventure. Saints abound! Positive energy IS contagious. I’m now itching to pass on the kindness. The car doctors! It would make a great short story. As I read your words, in my mind, I could clearly see them in the dark, with flash lights in hand, looking, looking, searhing for the key parts. Beautiful. I’m happy you are safe. And I love the gift of the pink roses. Is the car back to humming? ~Theadora (And Happy Birthday to your brother!)

    • Saints abound indeed!! Theadora our elegant Volvo is running beautifully. We were so anxious to have it back we arrived at the service garage while the “car doctors” were still working on our (to use Tinny’s words) noble chariot. They wanted to wash and polish the Volvo for us (again what service!) but we were to impatient to wait.

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