I have a magic zucchini factory in my garden.  How can one not believe this is a magic vegetable.  Sun bright yellow flowers appear and POOF  over night a slender, elegant zucchini.    While you’re in the garden gather mint, dill and Italian flat leaf parsley to flavour your deliciously crisp fitters.  They are wonderful as hors d’oeuvres or as a start course. They don’t require sauce.  Simply sprinkle flaky sea salt and a little crumbled feta cheese on top.

I’m in the kitchen shredding zucchini.  Click on ZUCCHINI FRITTERS  and join me.





    • Every morning I have been looking under the giant rhubarb leaves – to no avai Jo Nell. I am just not quick enough to see the elves that have been working their wonders to make this garden grow. This morning I heeled in the third growth of carrots and beets. We’ll be digging these little darlings up perhaps into December. This is a new experience coming from the prairies where we counted ourselves lucky to harvest our vegetables before the frost.

    • This is such a favorite way of enjoying zucchini in our house that we have been enjoying this dish a couple of times a week. For a family Sunday dinner I made very small fritters and served it as the appetizer. XX V.

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