Ours is a house of many exterior doors.   The important  front door.   The door to the garage.  The boot room door (originally used by those coming into the house from the dairy barn).  The side door to the back garden.  The glass door to the covered patio. The big double garage doors.

We believe in remake, redo, remodel, rejuvenate, recycle, rediscover, reuse.  To be responsible citizens of our world.

The saga and the zen of painting doors begins with our front door.




It had been protected by a screen door but the dated glass inserts called for a major makeover.



Thirty pieces of plywood cut  individually to fit each (not quite the same size) square.  These were glued to both the exterior and interior of the door.


The front door was primed with Zinsser water based primer.



Three coats of semi-gloss Benjamin  Moore black paint and the welcoming front door is complete.  The door cries out for the perfect door knocker.  Something not too shiny.  A door knocker to provide the perfect jewelery for perfect front door.  I’ve started the search.



Initially we thought the overhead garage doors were beyond redemption.  They had been painted  with oil base paint but over the years it  had bubbled and blistered.



Two weeks of scrapping and sanding the doors are ready for priming and painting.



The ugly duckling doors turn into beautiful swans.



When we took the screen door off the garage door entrance we realized our battered, paint blistered door had wonderful potential.   Sanded, scraped, wood-filled it morphed into something rather special.


The cris-cross panel.   The small window panes.  What a beauty we uncovered.

Life is all about doors.

Doors we never open.

Doors we choose to pass by.

Doors that reveal  new opportunities and experience.



Doors to entice you to open and step into another place.

Doors that promise sanctuary.

Doors strong and bold to protect you from the elements.

Doors that speak loud and clear.

Then there is this door.  The one that says welcome – welcome all to this home.






    • Did those garage doors not turn out to be nothing short of fabulous!! I’m thrilled to bits with the way the front door turned out. Even the faded brown screen doors became Cinderella like with their new paint job. XX OO V.

    • I have been saying that to Door all summer. First we tried a brass lion head – too big. Then an angel, It was too white or perhaps the door is too black. Doors can be so impatient. They think it is an open or shut situation to find the right door knocker!

  1. It’s all about the process. I agree, Virginia! So are you still on the hunt for a door knob? I love your nifty door bell and bell, to the right. Do they have a story? And so what B.M. shade black did you pick? Handsome! ~Theadora

  2. How clever to salvage and change the front door with just plywood and paint! Beautiful! The garage doors looked as if they required a lot of work but look amazing. Can you imagine what new ones would have cost? I am sure you will find that magical door knockers! The first impression must be just right. Good luck! It is an elegant entrance. And I know magic awaits inside…

    • That’s it Jo Nell!! It is a magic door knocker I need. Tomorrow my girl friend and I are hitting the second hand shops in Vancouver. Mebbe … just mebbe my truffle-hunting for treasure will be a success. XX V.

    • The biggest challenges with this paint make-over of the outside of the house was the garage doors and the front door. They ended up being the biggest successes. I thought the French house numbers was the icing on the cake. I LOVE what you do. Anything French is tres chic!!

      • Awwww thank you! I love black for a front door and I believe it makes all the difference. Great job on all the doors! I can’t wait to see what you choose for the hardware for the front door by the way!

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