I keep a collection of baskets by the kitchen door.  A trip to the garden requires one carry the right basket for the occasion.  A small square basket for strawberries.  A very deep basket for kale.  Something larger and round with a sturdy handle for root crops like beets    Snip lots of dill heads, add a few carrots and a potato or two and you have the ingredients  to make a big batch of borscht.

There must be a hundred different recipes fo beet borscht.  Everyone is the right one.   This is one of my favorite recipes.  It has tons of vegetables.  It is made with a rich chicken stock. Has a tangy sweet sour flavour.  Served with a generous dollop of sour cream it is positively define.   You could add little bits of spicy sausage.  Or make the recipe with beef stock.  You can serve borscht hot or cold.    You get the picture.

Though there are potatoes in the recipe the soup freezes beautiful.   Don protective gloves and start chopping beets .  Click on BORSCHT for the recipe.  Bon Appetit



  1. Our Moldovan host just made us a hearty bowl of Borscht the other night, using fresh produce from his garden. It was delicious, and even more appealing when we considered he’d made it with organic veggies. As I didn’t take notes, I’m glad to now have a recipe from a trusted chef.

    You’re so European with your wicker baskets, Virginia. 🙂

    • My basket obsession sometimes gets the best of me. I found a basket you could pop a five year old child into and it is vexing me with its size. Right now I have it filled with dry hydrangeas but I would like to do something different.
      The vegetables were pretty well all from our organic garden. We should still be harvesting beets and carrots well into December Tricia. Xx Virginia

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