There is no doubt in any woman’s mind – the Parisian woman is the epitome of chic.    She is a fashion maven but not a fashion slave.   Style follows her.

Oh that we could be that woman.  One pours over fashion magazines.  The answer is not there.    The Parisian woman’s style is a state of mind.  No matter who you are.  Where you live.   How much you spend on fashions.   How old you are.   You can have Parisian chic.


Four engaging, stunning and accomplished Frenchwomen – Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas collaborate  i n a witty, irreverent, funny tell-all book  HOW TO BE PARISIAN WHEREVER YOU ARE  *  Love, Style, and Bad Habits.

“Fashion rules the world and Parisians rule fashion.  Fine, it may not be true but the world still needs fairy tales.”

How can you not love a book that tells you how to be mysterious and sensual AND look natural.   It’s a very, very funny quick read.  When you finish the book you’ll feel so very, very chic and très Parisienne.  Can you ask for anything more?

P.S.  If you are single there some chapters you might just devour.   Others, depending on your age, you will ignore.  I promise you this.  You definitely will dress with more elan. Even cook differently.    It won’t cost you a fortune.  You will fill wonderful.





    • Tinny, you and the Lar have obviously been talking! I suggested that perhaps my book would have been just a little more racey and that would be revealing far too much.Xx Oo L & V

  1. I think I will buy this for my daughter for Christmas. ( And I can read it myself before I give it to her!) I agree with the Tin Man that you could have probably written it yourself. I feel more chic just reading your posts and always learn something beautiful!

  2. Well, now I HAVE to read it! I hope you get a kickback on all sales! I do apologize for being MIA lately, for some reason all of my WP post updates were being sent to my spam folder! So sorry, Belle!

    Oooh! I see another “must-read” post. “The Country Empress.” If that isn’t in reference to you, then to whom?

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