by Cecilia B.W. Gunther with Melissa Hassard


Sixty eight women wrote this anthology about menopause.    They wrote  from the heart.  They bared their souls.  They shared their most intimate thoughts.  They did this for Cecilia Gunther who asked them to join The Fellowship and help her explain menopause to her younger sister.

 Celi or Miss C. is the mistress of The Farmy.    She takes you into her world with engrossing stories of life on her tiny farm in the blog THE KITCHEN GARDENS.   We who daily follow Miss C. wrote comments about our experience with menopause.  This was the beginning of what is now the book LETTERS FOR MY LITTLE SISTER.

Today my copy of  LETTERS FOR MY LITTLE SISTER arrived from Miss C.  I started reading the first letter. Then the second letter.  I realized I was holding my breath.    Their honesty was defying. Deliberate.  Nothing held back.

LETTERS FOR MY LITTLE SISTER is a book every women should read and then share with the men and women they love.  I read the book in one sitting.  I have given the book to my daughter-in-law.   LETTERS FOR MY LITTLE SISTER will help her.



  1. I need to read this book. You were a HUGE help to me with this subject. You were so right, the hot flashes have got better. Please share with me where I can purchase this book so I too can pass it on.

    Love your far away friend

    • LETTERS FOR MY SISTER is available at AMAZON.CA. It is truly an amazing book. I believe you will find it very helpful in dealing with a subject that few people really talk about. XX V.

    • This books contains all things women should be telling each other, and more than a few other thoughts. I discovered I was not the only women struggling with acne after having a flawless complexion all my life. XX Virginia

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book. I must check it out as I have a niece and daughter entering that phase of life. And I enjoyed exploring the blog. Have a good week.

    • This is such an usual book. A group of women sharing a common friend – Celi Gunther – join together to help women everywhere navigate gracefully the waters of menopause. Unless you have a woman doctor who herself has gone through menopause – this book is an enormously enlightening. Virginia

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