I consider this the best pumpkin pie recipe in my repertoire .   AND THE EASIEST!!  I have been making pumpkin pie for more than fifty years of Thanksgivings.  Trying various recipes.  One that almost made the best pumpkin pie had pecans and a super sweet topping.  But this recipe tops them all.   Sweetened condensed milk  creates a delicate yet rich,  creamy texture.    An intriguing combination of spices is perfectly matched to the pumpkin flavour.

The filling is easy as pie (so to speak) to make.  If pastry making is not your forte use a gingersnap crust or try my favorite pie crust.  The secret to the perfect pumpkin pie (which is a custard) is to ALWAYS blind-bake your pastry.  You’ll eliminate soggy crusts.  Use canned pumpkin puree (not pie filling).  And this is one time that canned is better than fresh (unless you have access to sweet pie pumpkins).

Come into the kitchen and make PUMPKIN PIE with me.  Mrs. Butterfingers.





11 thoughts on “SPICY PUMPKIN PIE

  1. It indeed is becoming time to bake pumpkin pie. I have adding condensed milk like this recipe. The best is fresh pumpkin but this recipe is easier and almost as good. I am inspired to get ready to bake a pumpkin pie! Thank you for the inspiration and recipe!

    • This is as about down home as one can get in terms of tradition . Pumpkin pie delivers or we still wouldn’t be baking it after more than 100 years. I like this recipe because it always delivers. Hope is it the ticket for your thanksgiving dinner Jo Nell. XX Virginia

  2. I love pumpkin anything, Virginia, and this looks delicious. I think it’ll be on my baking list for this holiday season! However, I’m not into making crusts, so I’ll have to buy one…thanks for sharing and Happy Fall!

  3. Someone else made the pumpkin pie here this year, however, I’ll try this recipe when it’s my turn. One thing I can make is a good pie crust. Learned how from my grandmother, when I was a young girl growing up in the prairies. _Resa xx

    • Spill the beans Resa! Share the golden recipe! You are a rare woman – one that can make a good pie crust. My mother in law made a superb pie … another prairie girl.I have her recipe box but apparently pie crust was something she never kept as a recipe. She made one every Sunday. For my birthday she always made me a peach pie that was out of this world. The only thing I know is she used peach juice in the crust. XX Virginia

      • Virginia!
        My grandmother used the recipe on the box of Crisco vegetable shortening.That’s what I use. Perhaps this is the recipe your mother in law used. No need to put it in a recipe box when it’s always on the shortening box. Tips and temperatures are included.
        As I prefer whole wheat, I have slightly modified the recipe.
        The secret is when you add the cold water to bind the cut flour and shortening. You only get one shot. I form a small ditch around the edge of the mixture so icy cold water can seep under to the bottom. Pour half the water evenly into the ditch and the rest of the water evenly over the mixture. I use extra water. You can pour excess off as you press, but if there’s not enough and you have a dry mixture in the centre, it does not work to add water then. The part that took the water in could still be perfect dough, so just ignore the dry part and roll what worked.
        I wait for at least 30 seconds before pressing it together. (Less seconds for white flour)
        I press it into a cylinder shape, turn it once then only1 more press.
        Chill and roll!
        “LOL” I can’t believe I’m giving you a cooking tip!!!! xox

      • Every good pie baker has their own method of creating their wonderful pastry. The little tricks that make their pies so wonderful. I agree with you – I believe my dear mother-in-law used Crisco. The pastry I made in our French restaurant was 2 parts butter l part vegetable shortening. I would blind bake around a dozen shells a day for luncheon quiche. For dessert pastry I used an all butter recipe (pate brisee). Thank you Resa for sharing your pie making secret. XX Virginia

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