There is nothing more divine than a perfectly executed pâté.   It is heaven on a plate.   You can make a lunch out of it.  Serve it before dinner.  I have even spread it lavishly on morning toast.

 Over the years in our various restaurants we served both  rustic, coarse country terrines and silky refined pâtés.   They are impressive as a first course and  having a good recipe in your repertoire will make your reputation as a sophisticated, good cook.

This recipe has just a few basic ingredients.  There is no legging it about town shopping for exotic food.  The main ingredients are chicken livers, unsalted butter, cream and seasonings, but the results are nothing short of spectacular.  The recipe goes together quickly and should be made the day before you plan to serve it.    During the holiday season I made it for a dinner party a few days before Christmas, and then served it again for Christmas morning brunch.  Left-overs, tightly covered, keep well in you refrigerator for several days.

You will find yourself making this elegant  CHICKEN LIVER PÂTÉ  over and over again.



  1. Of course you have set my taste buds and imagination into overdrive. This pate sounds delightful and you know how I love pate, dearest Virginia. I do declare, you are the keeper of all knowledge culinary. This sound so very divine. Perhaps I can get the wonderful Augustine to create this delight and I shall enjoy it with toast points each morning!

    • Of course! Toast points! Classic!!! The Tin Man must have this splendid epicurean treat. August the perfect one to whip up this delicious amuse-bouche. It is unbelievable good – elegant, decadent – all the good things. XX OO L & V

  2. I just pinned this! I’ve been making pate for years but I’m betting yours is better–a few different ingredients. This may be our New Year’s eve champagne partner. Have a bountiful 2015, my dear!

    • A lover of pate! Yes, yes, pate and champagne and Gypsy Kings playing in the background… a perfect New Year’s Eve. Enormous wishes Gayle for the most splendid 2015. XX Virginia

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