Blackberries grow wild and unruly steps from my kitchen door. Fat bumblebees hum happily as they flit from delicate white blackberry flower to flower. Wearing  a heavy shirt to protect my arms from attacking thorns I can cheerfully  spend a glorious afternoon plundering the blackberry vines.

I return to the kitchen my lips and fingers stained black from the ripe, warm fruit  and sprinkle blackberries over homemade vanilla ice cream.  Pure heaven!!

Blackberries freeze well and I fill my freezer for baking during the winter months.     Tonight  for dessert I am making a luscious Blackberry Cobbler.  The aroma of baking blackberries will fill my kitchen with the smells of summer.

Just be sure you put your baking dish in a pan or on a cookie sheet when you make BLACKBERRY COBBLER.




  1. Blackberries are something we can actually have in common. Believe it or not, they actually grow well here in the rugged Emerald City! We do all sorts of concoctions with them. Usually every night Augustine has put some in a bowl as a late night snack. I shall think of you each evening as I enjoy them, my dear, beautiful friend.

    • August and Lar are on the same page with Blackberries. He loves to nibble on the frozen puckery little darlings while we watch a movie. I love baking with blackberries … I like a little sweetness in my life. XX OO Ll & V

  2. I can almost taste this luscious treat! How wonderful to have them so abundantly.. We used to have some growing in the back yard but they are gone now but I really enjoyed them. They were great just off the vine.

    • The bitter sweet taste of blackberries is so addictive. I love that they are indigenous and available. I go to the produce store and it the bins are filled with fruit from Spain, New Zealand and fruit that is out of season. I fill one of our freezers with local produce and to me it is like gold. I never take it for granted. XX Virginia

    • When we lived on the prairies I was enamored with the whole of idea of blackberries. I even painted blackberry vines and flowers on my daughter’s bedroom wall. Then to move to Coast and discover they were free for the picking!! Pure delight! And now I have blackberries growing in abundance along the fence line. XX OO Virginia

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