When I shop for groceries I read the labels on the back of products.    When you read the label on the back of salad dressing invariably the first ingredient is water.   This means it is the main ingredient.  Then there is the list of unpronounceable words that translate into additives you really don’t want to be consuming.   If you keep your pantry stocked with a Dijon mustard, a really good red wine vinegar, virgin olive oil and honey you have the makings of a delicious salad dressing.  You can use SUPER EASY SALAD DRESSING on any tossed or chopped salad.  It is also delicious on warm potato salad.





    • You are on my page. Home made salad dressing is so superior in every way to ANYTHING that comes in a bottle off the grocery shelf. You can be so creative with your dressings. Cooking is an adventure. XX Virginia

    • I sometimes make this using maple syrup and a little curry seasoning. It’s lovely with a salad containing fruit. Most important it’s easy and so much superior to anything you can buy Lauren. XX Virginia

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