I made my first banana bread  just after the second world war.  Bananas disappeared from the produce shelves during the war.   Rationing, torpedoed cargo ships and ships used for troop transport meant that many food items were simply not available.

My first banana loaf contained no walnuts.  They were still rationed.  The recipe was rather frugal with a limited amount of sugar and butter. However to me the flavour was wonderfully exotic and I pretended those brown specks were nuts.

Through the years I baked many variations of banana bread;  coconut banana, banana prune, banana chocolate chip and so on.  They were all good but not great.  Hundreds of banana breads later I declare this is the Blue Ribbon Winner.  It is rich with butter and eggs.  Deeply flavoured with brown sugar and a smidge of cinnamon.  It is extravagantly studded with walnuts, and has a delicate crumb.  It is the ULTIMATE BLUE RIBBON BANANA BREAD.


  1. It does look like a blue ribbon winner! And buttermilk and butter would make it very rich as would the walnuts. I shall try this one the next time I make banana bread as it is one of Husband’s favorites.

    • It is everyone’s favorite in this family Jonell. I will admit that for years I made my mother’s frugal war time recipe then one day the light went on. That was exactly what it was – frugal. So I started adding a bit more of this, and a dash more of that – and the world didn’t fall apart. Enjoy!!

  2. The message I have taken from this is that we too quickly forget the sacrifices of the past and the ravages of war. We sit so close to unleashing our hatred for each other and our brutal, greedy, selfish nature, that we could someday, again, be unable to even create this simple delight. I live with not much hope for humanity, my dear.

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