There is nothing more wonderful than the heavenly aroma of a one-dish meal simmering away in the oven while you curl up in a chair with a good book.  This dish has a deliciously exotic flavour created by the dynamic and unusual combination of  sweet potatoes, spices and a little peanut butter.  What I especially love about this recipe –  it is extraordinarily pantry friendly.   There’s no rushing around looking for hard to find ethnic ingredients.

This West African pork stew is easy to put together yet it is so impressive it would be perfect for a marvelous Friday Night We’re Having Friends Over For Dinner.  Unless you are very confident of your butcher don’t buy ready-cut-up stewing pork.    The important thing to remember is not to cook your stewing pork on a high heat. It will toughen it.  Pork likes to simmer slowly and quietly and will reward you with succulent, fork tender meat.  Serve this dish with lots of warm, crusty bread.

Put on some African drum music and make





    • Indeed Jonell! It is so good The Lar suggested

      Trust me dear Jonell. This is a winner. I knew it had great possibilities. I danced around with the recipe … adding a bit of that. Taking a bit of that out . Finessing it to its delicious end. It is the tiny bit of the fresh ginger, the sweetness of the potatoes and then the perfect hit of curry. You will love this dish. XX Virginia

    • Absolutely Resa. The flavour combination is intriguing. I would use a vegetable stock and tofu. It would be even better the next day. I am making it again today and using chicken thighs instead of pork Cooking is such a wonderful adventure. XXOO Virginia

    • Yes Theadora. It would be divine with chicken thighs. The magical mixture of curry spice and fresh ginger, the sweet potatoes and tomato compliments any meat and would also work with tofu. Well spotted T. The soup bowls are adorned with small lion heads and I found them in a restaurant supply house Duikelman’s in Amsterdam. The 24-inch square linen napkins were a Thrift store find. Only two but so beautiful I couldn’t pass them buy. Bon Appetit!

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