The late afternoon warmed the soil.   Overhead  skeins of geese flew in military formation heading for the sanctuary of the bog.

She gathered the digging tools – a hand rake and a well-used  trowel its broken metal handle replaced with one of wood.

A bag of bone meal.

An ancient wicker basket filled with tulip bulbs.

She dug in the glorious jewel colours – ruby reds, shimmery pearl whites, peridot greens. diamond yellows.

Then gently.  Lovingly.  Happily patted the earth safely over the buried treasure.


To be discovered.




with cries of joy.



In anticipation of spring.





14 thoughts on “BURIED TREASURE

  1. And in Spring her world will be filled with beautiful fragrances and magnificent color and shall host a tea in the garden surrounded by all her friends…..husband shall bake scones and Tinny will insist on bubbly……it will be a grand Spring and the treasures shall burst forth.

    • Robert Frost could not have said it better Tinny. I especially love the part about the bubbly. I was up early this morning enjoying the sun and my early spring tulips. I felt I just had to write about it all. XXXOOO to you and sweet Augustine.

  2. So glad to see you back here blogging again. We missed you! And yes, isn’t spring just the most magnificent dance! We’re weeks away from tulips yet, but I have my fingers crossed. I planted lots last fall. Hope they’re as lovely as yours.

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