It is the liberal use of fresh herbs that makes a cook worth her fleur de sel!   The garden is lush and rich with mint and parsley, basil and dill, tarragon, rosemary and thyme.

I can’t resist plucking a few mint leaves and rubbing them between my fingers as I walk to the garden.  It’s early morning and the sun hasn’t vanquished the dew from the lawns.  It glitters on tiny exquisite spider webs in the grass and creates a fairy world.

The air is still and quiet.  No tractors working the fields.  The seeding is finished.  Beans and peas planted.  Corn already climbing to the sky.

I harvest a perfect head of butter lettuce for supper.  At the very last moment I’ll wash and tear the leaves.  Add  a tangle of tarragon.  A drift of thyme.  Lots of fresh chopped chives and fleur de sel and then quietly toss it with a few tablespoons of thick, rich cream.  That’s it.   Simple perfection.

I bring the perfume of the herb garden into my home.  Fill an old fashioned white cream jug with parsley and mint.  Simplicity!  I could have plundered the flower garden and create an enormous bouquet worthy of any hotel lobby.   But, it is this simple fragrant collection of leaves that brings such joy to my heart.




14 thoughts on “FINES HERBS

    • There are those days when the thought of all the chopping of vegetables and washing of lettuce is almost too much. We do love things to be simple and lovely and this sneaky little number fills the bill. It is also very French Becky.

  1. How very delightful to have such a bountiful garden as yours! Simple can be good. Your parsley and mint are lovely! Enjoy your quiet days. It is good to see your posts again! Take care and continue to be thankful for every day.

    • Dear Jo Nell . We do so love our garden. To simple walk out there and gather vegetables for suppers is such a pleasure. The planning and the planting. The weeding and the watering. All gives us joy.

  2. Yes, the herbs suit you. The fragrant, exotic aromas drifting through the room as if the orientalist had walked in and tossed his cape over the chair on his way out……or Cleopatra had brushed her hair after a trip on the Nile. Yes. The Herbs. They are you Virginia.

    • I’ve rubbed a little sweet basil behind my ears and rosemary between my toes. There’s catnip in the garden – I’d like to roll in it but I perhaps the neighbors would raise an eyebrow. Any excuse to use herbs – besides cooking. That’s me!! XXOO

  3. You are a kindred spirit I think…I too added fresh thyme, parsley and green onion tops to my salad tonight…such pleasures to wander out to the veggie plot and harvest your own bounty and eat it al fresco in this gorgeous weather we are having. Your post is delightful.

  4. I’ve started an herb garden and I have many of the plants you mention as well as lavender and lemon balm. They’re little now but they’re starting to spread out. Your description of your garden is wonderful!

    • Gardening gives one a great joy. It is the journey – the hoeing, planting, weeding that is part of this pleasure. Then at the end we are so rewarded for being good gardeners and caring for this earth.

  5. Beautiful shot, Virginia. The green really pops against the white. I’m now off to find Simon & Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair” tune. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme . . .

    (Does the dish have a story?)

    • The other day I cut a huge bouquet of lambs ears. The stems were long and elegant and the leaves were soft as velvet. Another humble but actually quite sophisticated bouquet. XX OO V.

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