“Consider the lilies how they grow: They toil not, neither do they spin; yet I say on to you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”  (Webster Bible Translation)

I spent half my life living in the North and Prairies of Saskatchewan.  Exotic, sweetly perfumed lilies were delivered by the florist in long green boxes.  Layers of tissue paper protected their fragile petals.  They were special occasion flowers.  Very expensive and to me something rare and wonderful.

Then I moved to the West Coast of Canada.   I was in garden heaven.  Flowers bloomed most of the year.  But best of all I discovered that I could actually grow these gorgeous lilies.  When we moved on to The Farm the very first flowers I planted were Stargazer lilies and Casablanca lilies.  One dozen of each.   Later my lily bed had to make way for construction so I carefully dug up the precious bulbs and planted them in pots.

My outrageously beautiful lilies continue to flower and bring such joy to my heart.  They sit regally on the patio.  Surrounding me with their heady perfume.  And the very best part – when they begin to bloom I move them close to the open windows.  Their heady fragrance fills my home.  It is especially strong in the early morning.  I take my cafe au lait and stand by the window and tell my lilies how much I appreciate them.





  1. Beautiful! I have a friend that grows lilies in his backyard – at last count he had 500 blooming…all different varieties and I am amazed at how tall and fragrant they are…and he loves the bible verse you included in your post, just beautiful!

    • I am inspired! Five hundred lilies! I have a masses of day lilies growing the front garden. They are spectacular but they don’t have that intoxicating perfume I so love. We are surrounded by nurseries and green houses so I am going to pop into a few of them and see if they have any lily bulbs left. Too late for this season but I will get a jump start on next summer. Cheers Virginia

  2. Last weekend I bought Stargazer lilies at my local HEB for $4.00. One bloom was open but since two have opened and another will probably open. Today they are still beautiful and fragrant. I cannot grow them here. Enjoy growing your own!

    • Jo Nell I am still in awe of these beautiful flowers. I can’t believe I am able to grow them simply by putting a few bulbs in a pot, fertilizing them once a month and watering them every day. Then again I think they grow for me because I tell them bedtime stories of wondrous places and amazing people. XX OO V.

  3. I have the pleasure of working at HEB like the one Jo Nell does her shopping in and fine myself walking through the floral department when the Star Gazers are in season to get a whiff of their delightful fragrance. How marvelous to have those beautiful Lillys outside your window. I am so looking forward to seeing your beautiful garden and giving the Buddah a gift of thanks for watching over you!

    • I have suggested to the lilies – especially the Casablancas that they hold off blooming until you two arrive. Everything here is 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule. Buddha awaits your attention. Meanwhile I put fresh flowers in his lap to ensure a safe journey for you and Augustine. XX OO V.

  4. What a beautiful post, Virginia! I love the dreamy photographs and words, too.

    I’m now thinking the line in Rossetti’s “The Blessed Damozel: “She had three lilies in her hand, And the stars in hair were seven.”

    (Today I’m wearing thirteen stars in my hair! A baker’s dozen.)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • “Three lilies in her hand and the stars in hair were seven”! I have just come in from watering the patio garden and the many pots of lilies. My mantra for today repeated over and over – “three lilies in her hand and the stars in her hair were seven. I also listened to Debussy’s La Damo – lilies and stars to fill my mind. When the Casablanca lilies bloom I shall remember those words and honour my lilies with them. XX OO V.

  5. How beautiful, Virginia. We have lots of orange daylilies where we live. They evidently were the “in” flower at some time in the past. They’re beautiful, but I would enjoy having other colors as well. Yours are wonderful.


    • Janet I also have a flower bed with dozens of day lilies in various shades of orange. They don’t have any perfume but their colours are happy colours and surrounded by lavender do put on a great show.

  6. Nature offers so much to us, doesn’t it, Virginia? These are gorgeous and I love how they sit with confidence, regally so you can enjoy your coffee and have a perfect view! xx

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