Roasted rhubarb!    Doesn’t its title simply roll off your tongue.  Roasted rhubarb!  How intriguing.  How absolutely delicious.  Stalks of rhubarb roasted to sugary tartness.   This simple method allows you to roast pieces of rhubarb to a delicate tenderness that stays almost intact.

Rhubarb definitely has attitude.   It can be difficult to prepare.  It demands all your skill and attention.   A few minutes to long on the heat and you have mush.   Roasting your rhubarb is the secret to perfectly tender, perfectly whole pieces of rhubarb.  It  couldn’t be simpler.  Simply sprinkle with a little sugar.  A scatter of grated zest or orange or rhubarb, pop it in a very hot oven and VOILA you have superb rhubarb sauce.

Spoon it  into a crystal goblet.  Lavish it with cream.  You have the perfect ending to a meal.   Mix it into a dish of yoghourt.  Sprinkle it with a little crunchy granola and breakfast is ready.   It’s delicious with rice pudding.     Serve it over slices of toasted pound cake with an extravagant splash of whipped cream and you have company fare.  You can serve roasted rhubarb warm, at room temperature, or chilled.  All this from a few stalks of rhubarb.   ROASTED RHUBARB … it’s the perfect summer dessert.

6 thoughts on “ROASTED RHUBARB

    • The sweet and very tart flavour is so addictive I could barely wait for the roasted rhubarb to cool so I could taste test. Then of course I had to have another spoonful just to make sure Jo Nell.

    • Beautiful words Resa dear girl … PRAIRIE JOY. i’m off to the garden to pull rhubarb stalks to make my rhubarb upside down brown sugar cake. It has been the most favorite cake of the summer. XX OOO V.

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