The most wonderful part of walking out to the garden and  picking tomatoes is the fragrance of  their leaves.  You rub them between your fingers then inhale.   It’s an intoxicating aroma.  It begs you to pluck a ripened tomato from the vine.  You know which tomato is perfect for picking.  You gently  touch it and it falls into your waiting hand.

You fill your basket with the little darlings.   Then if you are like me you can’t resist choosing the most perfect tomato and bite into it.  You  savor the sweet flesh and juices still warm from the sun.   This is bliss.

And then when you get just a little weary of another BLT sandwich or one more tomato enhanced salad  you make this glorious, very French, so addictive,  extraordinary simple dish of tomatoes simmered in a little butter, sprinkled with fresh thyme, sea salt and freshly ground pepper and cloaked in rich cream.  Unlike most French recipes containing tomatoes you do not peel or seed the tomatoes.

This is the perfect side dish for grilled meats or roasts.  Served with savory suppertime crêpes it is positively a star.  Head out to the garden or your favorite Farmer’s Market and choose the most perfect tomatoes for TOMATOES IN CREAM WITH FRESH THYME.





    • We have been experiencing the same problems here – but not to your degree. Summers here are normally in the low seventies.. and lots of rain. We haven’t had rain in months. But all that sun has given us a bumper crop of everything in the garden. I shall have to start freezing tomatoes very soon. I fear the prognosis is not very good for this planet of ours. XXX Virginia

  1. What beautiful little darlings, Virginia! The color really pops. Jotting down the recipe now. Creating a list for the market. Say, have you ever served the dish over a pasta? Maybe an angel hair pasta? Thanks for the summertime mealtime inspiration!

    • Yes oh yes. It would be a dream over pasta Theadora. I would a splash more heavy cream. Put the angel hair pasta into a heated shallow bowl and generously ladle over the tomatoes and sauce. I think this would best serve two rather greedy persons … at least in our kitchen. XX Virginia

    • The first year of a garden – it is a thrilling experience. The simple pleasure of watching what you have planted grow is a joy. Every morning and every evening we walk out to the garden simply to say good-morning, good-night. The plants are like our children. XX OO Virginia

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