An enchanted hour was filched from the hereafter and tossed into the lap of the present, as a foretaste of what is to come  . . A mystic world, into which we step as soon as we cross the threshold of the porch.  ( Ethelind Fearon)   


It rained through the night.  A soft, gentle rain that became a lullaby singing one to sleep.   A rain that turned an ordinary morning into one filled with grace and beauty.


This was the enchanted hour.  The past is now the present.  A year ago I had planted this Winter Star Camellia .  And in the early morning the delicate, paper thin, almost translucent flower began to bloom.   It is these moments that your heart and soul fill with happiness.  You smile and caress the delicate petals.  Drunk with their exquisite beauty.


 Then with a sigh a few petals fall.  Theirs is a short lived beauty – making them all the more precious.    I revel in the contrast of the  spent petals resting on the old wooden table.  They will not be tidied and swept away for they belong to this moment of enchantment.


(Ethelind Fearon was born in 1898 in Essex England.  Her passion was writing and gardening (she was a gardener to H.G. Wells) .



    • I have this beautiful plant sitting on a very worn and battered table. Next to equally worn and battered chairs. I love that the furniture shows the wear and tear of the life they lead. No wonder these “not so perfect”blooms look so beautiful.

  1. You enchant your flowers, Virginia. I like the idea of them being on an old worn table that embraces the petals with grace. I like your comment, “It requires we smile and be happy – even for the moment.” I shall look at my meager flowers with new eyes. Life is too short.

    • When I was very young I thought dandelions were the most beautiful flower. And I loved their name … DANDELION. I would pick enormous bouquets for my Mother that soon wilted. To this day when the first dandelions of the season make an appearance I always pick myself a wilting bouquet. Did you know Jo Nell if you sniff a dandelion and get yellow dust on your noise – it is magic dusty and all your wishes will come true. XX Virginia

  2. Thanks for that beautiful story – I’ll have to dig out the books of Ethelind Fearon, which I have somehwere on my bookshelves. They are pretty fascinating, and great to read! There’s one called “Most Happy Husbandman” if I remember correctly..

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