All through the long and glorious summer the garden  rewarded us with glorious vegetables.  I  walk from the kitchen across the long stretch of grass and into the garden.  It is another world of vegetables going quietly about their business of growing.   Italian basil, Thai basil and parsley encircle the garden.  No matter where I am in the garden I brush against these fragrant herbs as I harvest vegetables.  My basket is filled with prickly zucchini and brilliant coloured rainbow Swiss chard.  They will be the starring ingredients of the most delicious, refined and positively addictive vegetable gratin.


Zucchini and Swiss chard gratin  takes the ubiquitous zucchini and the humble Swiss chard to new heights.  Seasoned with onion, paprika and garlic.    Enriched with Parmesan cheese, eggs and tart sour cream .  Topped with buttery bread crumbs and fresh parsley this gratin is paradise in a dish.   It was such a hit this summer that I made it over and over again.   Served as the main course or as a side dish with  roast chicken  or pork it is summer perfection on a plate all year long.

The very best of summer – ZUCCHINI AND SWISS CHARD GRATIN.



    • Gayle this is THE recipe for zucchini growers. We all know how the little darlings multiply before our very eyes. And there is only so many zucchini muffins and bread you can make. And it is a great recipe for those of us who love the term “about”. It can be a little more zucchini or a little less. I even added a little kale when I didn’t have quite enough chard. Here’s the best part. Left overs reheat beautifully!!

    • Growing up on the prairies we eagerly awaited the first apples of the season. They came from the interior of British Columbia and about the time we would be listening to the baseball World Series. Simpler times.

    • That is about where we are in the garden. The chard is growing like mad – they love the cooler weather. But I think the last of the zucchini was picked today. The dish is addictive. I made it three times last week.XX Virginia

    • I told Lar I am already going into withdrawal thinking of the end of the zucchini’s in the garden. The Rainbow Swiss Chard on the other hand will continue to grow and flourish as long as we don’t have a hard frost. XXOO Virginia

    • We’ve just come in from the garden. Lar has picked the last of the basil and zucchini and a pound of chard (the chard will grow until we have a killer frost). Our son and his wife are coming for dinner this evening. Zucchini and Swiss chardGratin are on the menu along with tomatoes cooked with cream and fresh thyme. Dessert is blueberry pie. Everything from the garden. The appy is tiny onion biscuits (recipe to be posted soon) with Camb0zola cheese.. A vegetarian dinner but every item is such a winner no one cares meat is not on the table.

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