Theadora braided her hair into pigtails and tied them with tricolour ribbon.  Coloured her lips with the boldest of red lipstick.  Scented herself with a drift of perfume fragrant with memories.   Then set down to fiercely write about and fall in love with Paris all over again.  Read her words.  Follow her Voyages Extraordinaires PEOPLE PLACES AND BLING and seize the day.



Across time and space another read her words.

” It’s time to return.” she thought. “Time to return to the city of lights. Time to linger over café au lait and watch the world go by.  Time to wander familiar streets.  Visit ancient book stores.  Treasure hunt in the flea markets.   Time to simply glory in all that is Paris.”


Theadora’s shopping list promised irresistible bargains for unnecessary but oh so exquisite objects of desire. The Galeries Lafayete, an Aladdin’s cave,  called her name floor after floor after glittering floor.  The perfect red soled shoe.  The silky softness of an elegant sweater. A clutch of rainbow coloured scarves.  For this is Paris and elegance on sale is hard to ignore.




She reached deep into the immense armoire cupboard and began to pull our her Longchamp bags. Elegant brown leather trimmed cases. Each bag a little larger than the one before. Like babushka dolls they fitted one into the other. The smallest held the necessities – a silver compact, Chanel lipstick, eye make-up and Theadora’ shopping itinerary. The rest would travel to her destination empty.



She was returning to Paris. To walk proudly, fearlessly the silver streets. Fill her eyes with the golden light of Paris. Fill her soul with the courage and strength that is Paris. And lastly she would fill her Longchamp bags with the plunders of Paris. Slipping into her ruby red travel slippers she tucked the key to her “little house in Paris” into her purse. CARPE DIEM – Et Bonne Annee! And she was gone



  1. Like? LOVE. Now, Voyager! Wow. You have created the perfect day: Café de Flore, bookshops, flea markets, and Galeries Lafayette! Your shot of the grand magasin is a winner, in my book. From the the intricate maze of “produits de beauté,”  I’m able to spy the red-soled shoes, the scarves, and the stained glass dome, while smelling the (sometimes synthetic bottled) roses. A compact, a lipstick, and eye makeup is really all one needs for a Paris jaunt. Your Longchamp bags are gorgeous. The little coin purse in sky blue caught my eye. Virginia’s prose + images = Bliss! It’s true. Thanks for spreading more positive energy. ~Theadora (And by the way, I recently spotted a pair of sparkly ruby red shoes in a window near G.L. I thought of you.)

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  3. Theodora’s post was brave and glorious! After the one she posted that was closed to comments it was good to see her back out on the streets and reveling in Paris. Yours was an excellent post and reminds us not to be afraid to dream and travel! I know you will be back someday soon. Peace, love and joy to you!

    • Theadora gave us back our hopes and dreams. What are we if cannot dream Jonell. It is joie de vivre … this exultation of spirit … this exuberant and wonderful joy of living .. that makes us what who we are. And NO ONE is going to take that away from us. XX Virginia

    • It is delightful having this “other place” to go to when one requires a change of scenery. I do have my favorite places to shop in Paris. My favorite bookstore. Where I love to buy linens. It is my retreat when things start to overwhelm me. Resa everyone should have their Paris, or their Tuscany. XXOO Virginia

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