I love this time of the year.  I love the rituals of Christmas.  Attending school Christmas concerts.  Singing carols. Viewing the Carol Ships.

 I love all the pageantry.  All the glittering lights and decorations. The bringing out of old beloved tree decorations.  The  baking you do only at Christmas.  Brandy Snaps.  Shortbread.  Panettone. Truffles.

And I love the fragrance of cedar and pine perfuming my home as I make Christmas wreaths.  This year I fastened my wreaths together using brown twine.  I decided it was greener than using wire and easier to tie.


A ball of twine, scissors and pruning shears  – all the tools that  are required.


 Gather your greens.   I cut mine from trees growing near my vegetable garden.  If you don’t have this option visit Christmas Tree lots.  They trim branches from trees and the boughs are there for the taking.

 Listen to Charlie Brown’s Christmas music when you are creating wreath magic.  Pour yourself a cup of tea.  Nibble on a shortbread.

This is how the spirit of Christmas begins.

9 thoughts on “A GREEN CHRISTMAS WREATH part one

  1. Oh, I can almost smell the evergreens! I can just imagine the magic you pull out for Christmas. Looking forward to part 2! Cheers for the holiday season! Husband put up the tree for us last week as I brought out a few old things to decorate as we listened to an assortment of Christmas music. Then we had egg nog with rum.

    • The girl in the ruby slippers does like Christmas, Tinny. I have been pouring over my favorite recipes planning dinner. It will have a most definite French theme this year. XXXOOO L & V

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