the Beautiful Eye


Gift Wrapping!!  Do it this slow (easy) way.  Forget about those unwieldy rolls of paper.  Pass up the ribbon that refuses to tie into beautiful bows.

Head for your local Dollar store. Pick up tissue paper in all the  glorious colors of the rainbow.  If you have big parcels to wrap buy a couple in each color.  Tissue paper is so lovely to wrap with.  So much nicer than  garish printed papers on rolls.  So much cheaper, too.  Buy a roll of twine.   Cheaper than ribbon and it has such charming simplicity.

Most Dollar stores have a craft department.  That’s where I found this angel stamp and the mailing tags.  I gave the tags an aged look with a  damp tea bag.   Again simplicity in itself.

Put music on – classic Christmas carols.  Sing along to “I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar carols play”.

Wrap you presents with the soft tissue paper.

Stamp your gift cards.

Sip your herbal tea.

Enjoy a slow Christmas.


    • Don’t we just love The Dollar Store! I have been trolling the aisles for stocking stuffers and have found some wonderful and fun items. It is like the old five and dime stores .. but even better! XX V.

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