My Darlings.  The very best stories are bed time stories.  Stories read to you as you drift into dreamland.

glitterein snow

I awoke in the night to find it bright with moon light and freshly falling snow.  I saw paw prints in the snow. Rabbit paw prints.   Tracks lopping across the lawn .   Oswald is back!  I hadn’t see Oswald, my gentleman rabbit for a very long time.

Tomorrow would by the Winter Solstice.  Rabbits gather on this the longest night of the year.  They celebrate with a glorious night of music and food.  And of all the winter parties this night all rabbits agree Oswald’s is the most magnificent.

It is the telling of happy stories over and over again that endear them to us.  Once again for your holiday joy is the story of how Oswald and his friends celebrate the Winter Solstice.


    • Oswald is my creation. I met Oswald, gentleman rabbit, sunning himself on our front patio. He made it obvious he preferred to lounge alone so I left him to it and proceeded to write a story about his life and the magic coat that enabled him to travel the world. Happy Christmas Cornelia. I so loved hearing from you. Virginia

  1. Oh, so nice to hear about Oswald again! You really should put him into a children’s book. We celebrated the winter solstice with our son from Houston this year as he came home for an early Christmas. The weather has been extremely mild. Yesterday we drove to the beach and enjoyed the almost deserted beach. Merry Christmas to you, Virginia!

    • It is so lovely to read about your time with your family. You have lovely rituals to celebrate The Winter Solstice Jo Nell. It is heart warming to have your family with you. Merry Christmas to you Jo Nell, and all you love.

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