IMG_1262I have written over seven hundred posts on this blog of mine.  There is one that is my favorite.  It is about books.  If anything defines me it is the written word.  As another year slides into the past I would like to share again “gather your words to keep them safe”.



  1. 700 POSTS!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ALL THOSE WONDERFUL things that come with an end to the season!

    • To be accurate 756 bits of me flew into the either. Some fell in to great black holes of nothing. Some fell on ears that heard not. And some became sweet magic to similar minds. Ousr is just to write … and hope.
      A million sparkling wishes for a wonderful Christmas and the very best for the New Year.

    • I am so besotted with words Resa. I have a journal just for word combinations I find when reading. Recently I almost filled my journal with metaphors from the novel ALL THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doeer. It has the most beautiful prose.

  2. Merry Christmas dear Auntie Jean! A new year is coming. Always a nice new thing. bright and shiny. thinking of you and wishing you a lovely holidays. My mom, your Heather Ann, sent me all the light you cannot see for Christmas, which reminded me of tiny altars everywhere, i can not wait to read it.
    love always
    Jenny Wren

  3. The holidays have just become brighter. Your words bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face, Jenny Wren. I reluctantly finished ALL THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT SEE. Then I began to read it again. Those first sentences take your breath away. You do not exhale until the book is finished. Five hundred pages of the most beautiful prose.

    “At dusk they pour from the sky. They blow across the ramparts, turn cartwheels over roof tops, flutter into the ravines between the houses. Entire streets swirl with them”.

    Your loving Auntie Jean.

    • I lit several candles and made just one wish for 2016. A healthy year .. and the adventures and laughter will surely follow. A very very happy new year to your, dear friend. Virginia

  4. Yes, it is all about words, thoughts, arts, emotions when it comes right down to it. So sorry to have missed so many posts Virginia, I have been creating my own world through my book and have managed to lose so much along the way. Hope to be back in form soooooon! Please update your avatar with your WordPress site, as it will be easier to reach your posts! Happy New yeare to you and to all who surround you xx

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