Resolved not to bring anything harmful  to the health  of your family and the environment into your home.   Keep  toilet-bowl cleaners, oven cleaners, drain cleaners,  air fresheners,  glass cleaners, fabric softeners, chlorine bleach out of your house.

Two products – baking soda and white vinegar plus your favorite dish washing detergent is all you need to do 90% of your household cleaning

Make your own general cleaner by filling a heavy-duty spray bottle with a mixture of fifty percent white vinegar and water and a drop or two of detergent.

Polish bathroom sinks and taps, kitchen counters  with t his home-made cleaner.  Spray it on microfiber cloth and polish mirrors, tv screens  and windows.   You’ll eliminate smears if you use overlapping horizontal strokes rather than a circular motion.

Use it to damp-dust painted surfaces.

Use straight vinegar as a disinfectant on door knobs and kitchen cutting boards.  Use straight vinegar are a fabric softener and static eliminator.

Sprinkle your tub or shower and  sink with baking soda, spray with your magic vinegar mixture and scrub away.  Everything will sparkle.

Use baking soda to scrub pots clean.  Add vinegar and a little soda to glass flower vases.  Let soak then scrub and rinse clean.

Vinegar has dozens of other uses besides cleaning.  It truly is a wonder product.  You can cook with it, clean with it, use it in the garden, and as a first aid help.

I use straight vinegar to kill weeds and grass growing in pavement cracks.   It won’t harm the environment.

Vinegar and cool water splashed on a sunburn will take the ouch out.

The very best part.   All this cost just pennies.  Walk down the supermarket aisle containing cleaning products.  Look at all the stuff you DON’T have to buy.  Think of all the money you’re saving.  Now you can buy those fabulous Jimmy Choo  shoes you’ve been coveting.

The most common cleaning mistake you can make is spraying on too much cleaner.  If you spray less, you clean less. So   spray directly on a cloth and then clean ONLY the dirty areas.

Read GREEN CLEAN by Linda Mason Hunter or go to GreenHome.com and learn more.  Save our planet.  Save yourself.  Save your family.





  1. Okay..okay…………..I give up. Gone will be all those awful smelling toxic cleaners and I will try it your way.

    It may take a while but you do have a way of getting to me. However, I would never admit it to anyone!!


    • I used all those toxic cleaners until we lived in Amsterdam. There I questioned hospital staff about “the lack of hospital smells re cleaning etc”. They told me those types of cleaning products were detrimental for cancer patients. I’ve researched and found they were also not good for children or small animals. That’s when I decided to make the switch to Using only oxygen bleach, and natural cleaners. One book on children’s oncology listed the five worse products to use in your home, 1. Chlorine bleach, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher detergent (buy the organic kind), Windex spray cleaners, room fresheners especially plug in fresheners, and fabric softeners (use vinegar). I guess that makes six!

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