Coconut macaroons have to be the most decadently addictive cookie ever created.  You can never have just one.  It’s a classic cookie.  Classic in the sense it has been around along time.  I found two recipes in my Blue Ribbon Cook Book that go back to 1920..  One was made with oatmeal (no coconut)!  Through the years the recipes have morphed,   but all the recipes have whipped egg whites in common.

This is the perfect cookie recipe for some one who NEVER bakes.   The individual who pops into Costco and buys trays of mixed goodies to bring to a pot luck dinner.   Or the hostess who passes off bakery cookies as their own.   Coconut macaroons are a blank canvass crying out for you to create your own unique interpretations of something more than wonderful.

The clever cook will add a touch of cinnamon to the mix.  Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper into the dipping chocolate. Chop up a few pistachios to compliment the coconut.     All you require is a can of condensed milk, coconut, vanilla and egg whites. Absolutely no flour!   Egg whites, by the way, can be frozen.   I freeze egg whites in small plastic containers (two egg whites to a container).   With the main ingredients  and egg whites in the freezer you can create a dessert elegant enough for any dinner party.

Indulge and make these classic coconut treats with MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.  Simply click on CHOCOLATE COCONUT MACAROONS.




7 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE COCONUT MACAROONS … divinely delicious!

  1. Confession: I have never made macaroons but I do like them! This recipe sounds easy and the results look delicious. Perhaps I will try it. By the way, your blog is very bold! The flowers contrasted very nicely with the chocolate macaroons. Very creative! Cheers, Virginia!

    • Thank you Jo Nell for encouraging words about my background. I’ve tried other backgrounds but flowers seem to work the best. As for the COOKIES!! They are positively addictive. They are a doodle to make and I rather like them without the icing…. the purist that I am. I hope your try the basic recipe and impress your friends. XX OO Virginia

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